7 Pabbly Workflows for Productivity. Zapier vs Pabbly.

7 Pabbly Workflows for Productivity. Zapier vs Pabbly.

Today we’re going to see how to integrate Pabbly into our business automation. I’m a person who hates doing things over and over again that are boring, mostly repetitive, and without any new knowledge to learn. Unfortunately, I did this for too long. Until I discovered task automation.

Using blogs like, Debutify, Katana, Systemio to have content to post on our social networks, of course adding our affiliate links, you know, these companies have blogs where they add articles regularly. So, it’s free content to exploit, we can send our visitors to these blogs by adding our affiliate links of X or Y product or service.


About the Pabbly integration

Create a feed every time a new email, for example, is sent from your autoresponder. Pabbly, offers SMTP for your emailing but you can integrate with any autoresponder AWeber, GetResponse, Moosend

You can read our article on the best autoresponders here:

Best Free Autoresponder Tools (Pros & Cons Compared)

This way you can easily increase the audience of your emailing campaigns among the subscribers of your feed. Use Pabbly’s simple interface to match the two services and choose the action you want.

It’s like having a superpower that saves you time and makes you more productive at the same time, because if you have the right workflow and master its use, you can say goodbye to recurring, boring tasks.

How does it work?

Pabbly integrates with dozens of popular platforms and services, including Sendiio, for example, with no coding required. A simple interface lets you connect Sendiio to one or more of these services by creating a workflow.

To do this, normally we use the RSS feed, but there are very well-known blogs without RSS feed, which means that, in reality, it is not a blog. Indeed, blogs have always influenced the RSS, but it doesn’t matter because they still have a site map.

So, for that, you just have to type site map of the concerned blog, that is to say the list of all the URLs of all the pages of the blog and you will have access to all the articles and also all the pages of the categories …. The idea behind using Pabbly is to post on our social networks, for example, in an automatic way.

A small downside, with a site map the URLS are not clean. They are for example like this;


And we want it to be like this;

Lately Social, your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter tool to make your life easier

This “URL cleaning” action can be done by Pabbly. That is, replace dashes with spaces and capitalize the beginning of each word in an automatic way.

For such automations, you can use the well-known zapier, which does almost the same job, but the drawback is that zapier is very, very expensive compared to Pabbly.

It’s as if you wanted to pay clickfunnels, while Systemio does more than clickfunnels at a much cheaper price! Technically they do almost the same thing, it’s just a question of positioning on the market, it’s just a marketing technique of price …

With automation you can do a lot of things, that is, you can create processes, we call them ZAPs on Zapier and on Pabbly Workflows in order to program actions in an automatic way.

Pabbly best features:

1- Email Marketing

2- Email Verification

3- Subscription Billing

4- Form Builder

5- Pabbly Connect

Examples of Pabbly workflows to gain productivity

1- Create an automation so that every time I receive an email with an attachment, I want that attachment to go into google drive. The Workflows created by Pabbly upon receipt of this email with the attachment to do the action of saving this attachment in google drive without being a developer and without any computer programming knowledge.

2- Create an automation every time a new email is sent from your autoresponder.

3- Create a workflow for the reception of the customers ” information of the arrival of a new customer, taking in charge, subscription to a reception campaign, preparation of contact…

4- Create an automation that allows me to reconfirm all my meetings one hour before they take place. For software demos for clients or coaching calls, partnership meetings…

There’s nothing worse than someone dropping you at the last minute. It’s a huge waste of time!

5- Create an automation that allows me to remember to cancel subscriptions made with a credit card every time. You can subscribe to premium paid services but offer free trial periods. The workflows created by Pabbly when the subscription is due to be cancelled are systematically interrupted.

6- Create an automation for publishing posts on social networks.

7- Create an automation that allows me to be notified each time I have a new prospect who comes to my product pages or capture pages on which an intervention from me or my team is necessary such as a phone call for example. This has two advantages:

1- That allows you to be super responsive so you can call them when their attention level and interest level is highest.

2- This person is certainly benchmarking. Your Product or tool among many others, and it allows you to be the first one to be able to call them and answer their needs.

Pabbly Subscriptions Pricing

How much does Pabbly Subscriptions cost?

$49/mo – You will have access to all Pabbly applications

1- Pabbly Connect

24,000 Tasks/Month

2- Pabbly Email Marketing

15,000 Subscribers/Month

3- Pabbly Subscription Billing

200 Customers/Month

4- Pabbly Form Builder

3 Forms

5- Pabbly Email Verification

30,000 Credits/Month


You can have this subscription for 50٪ off, if you subscribe for a period of 36 months. I also have a limited one time offer for you. You can get it here: Pabbly one time offer.


Every time you use Pabbly know that you’re gaining productivity and time-saving workflows, for your business and especially for your own personal life.

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave your comments. Thanks, and best business to you!








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