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9 Steps to a Successful Online Education Project | LearnWorlds Review : Create & Sell Your Courses

9 Steps to a Successful Online Education Project LearnWorlds Review Create & Sell Your Courses

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Hello everyone and welcome to a new article. I am Mohammed from Freedombizmachine here to help you make the right choice of software or platform for your business.

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If you provide advice or your expertise as part of your business, it is essential, you should sell your courses online.

You may ask yourself, Why? The answer is simple, because you can reach a much larger audience than you think and make a lot of money at the same time and it will be felt on the turnover of your business. So in this article we will take a look at a platform I discovered and find its approach very interesting – LearnWorlds, an online course platform to create, sell and promote your online courses.

Launching an online school or academy in 2021 can be the beginning of an exciting journey. With online learning becoming more prevalent due to the pandemic, online courses offer an easy and accessible way for everyone to learn a new skill and an opportunity to invest in knowledge. Being able to impart that knowledge in the best way possible is a skill in its own right.

Education is a beautiful gift and should always be delivered in a beautiful package, ready to be delivered to the learners – whether they are students or employees.

Now, when it comes to choosing the best course platform for your business, you have a lot of features and a lot of options to choose from, but we’re going to start somewhere where maybe you weren’t expecting, and that’s going to be with the marketing side of your course.

Any online course platform will give you the ability to upload videos and PDFs and create quizzes and questionnaires as part of your course content. However, many course platforms fail when it comes to marketing and showcasing your content.

The question you need to ask yourself is, why is this so important? Well, you can create the best course in your specific field, but if people can’t find it, or if they aren’t encouraged or incentivized to buy your course, all your efforts are for naught!


One of the things I love about LearnWorlds is that they really think about you in terms of selling and marketing your course right away. They have a number of fantastic landing pages. In fact, you can create an entire website from the LearnWorlds interface.

This can be very important because even if you don’t have a website right now, or if you don’t want to spend all that time revising your website and creating new pages, LearnWorlds saves you a great deal of expense and not a little time.

You can add images, move elements around and immediately start selling your courses on a ready-to-use website. This is essential, because if you want people to pay for your content, you need something attractive. You need something that will get people to engage in the process. In addition to having web pages with great professional design, LearnWorlds offers other elements that you can add and integrate into your site easily.

For example, we know how important it is to have integrations such as popups that appear from time to time to our users to encourage them to sign up for our newsletter or to be aware of new updates related to that course and therefore get the famous email address that will allow us to offer them our offers later on…

You need to get their email address in case they don’t buy your course, you could at least contact them and send them updates on that particular course in the future. As any good marketer knows, you have to get your message out and let people know what you are offering several times before you can make a sale. In any case, all the elements you would expect from a professional website can be created in LearnWorlds.

So no matter where you start your project, or if you want to create a separate school just for your courses, you can do that too. The other advantage of LearnWorlds over many of the other online platforms available is that, LearnWorlds is fully available as a white label.

oribi free plan

What does this mean?

Well, it means that when people come to visit your website, they won’t see the LearnWorlds logo in the corner, even when they take your course, they won’t see the LearnWorlds logo everywhere.

They’ll really feel like it’s your website with no connection to LearnWorlds and that they’re learning directly from you. But of course, no online course platform can compete without giving you the opportunity to create quality courses. Indeed, from the start, you can be sure that LearnWorlds will help you with a landing page. Most online course forums take you directly to the content.

Whether it’s creating a quiz or a welcome message, or just downloading a variety of videos or maybe links to webinars, but where LearnWorlds directs you first is the sales page to make sure that you have something that’s going to be engaging, something that’s going to interest people so they can see how long it’s going to take or what’s included in that course. Maybe an overview of the course itself, a little bit about yourself or the person teaching this course. That way it looks professional and makes you look professional in the eyes of a potential client or student.

One interactive tool that I think is great is the ability to ask your students questions during a video or a particular piece of content. For example, on one of your elements, you can choose a close question, where you ask them a question, true or false.

Afterwards, you can choose what happens when true is selected, or if false is selected, this is particularly useful. For example, you could direct your students to a specific content that you choose.

You can also dictate exactly when you want it to appear. You can even make a video for example automatically stop at a certain point to give them an option, give them the opportunity to answer that question. These are just a few of the great tools that can help you improve and make your course material and the student, customer experience even more engaging. Of course, as you create your content, it’s important to preview it from time to time. You can select the preview option and it will open the course player as your students will see it online.

So if you want to create your own online courses or maybe even build your own online school, LearnWorlds can be a great tool for your project.

How much does LearnWorlds cost?

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9 Steps to a Successful Online Education Project

  • Step 1: Choose the platform that suits you best
  • Step 2: Validate your business idea
  • Step 3: Find a profitable niche
  • Step 4: Branding and launching a website for your project
  • Step 5: Integrate other tools such as Getresponse or Moosend and Clickmagick
  • Step 6: Use analytics tools to know your numbers such as Oribi
  • Step 7: Follow a marketing plan
  • Step 8 : Schedule automatic notifications, email marketing
  • Step 9 : Put your project online.

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