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Best Time to Send Email Marketing – Lead Generation Tool – Salesblink Automation Tool

Best Time to Send Email Marketing - Lead Generation Tool – Salesblink Automation Tool

Email marketing

In this article i’m going to be talking about, when is the best time to send email marketing & Lead generation Tool. Hi it’s Mohammed from freedombizmachine thanks for joining me. Email marketing is very popular these days. Definitely the money’s in the list – and i highly encourage you to get a great crm to use with your email marketing and make sure you’re consistently sending out email. But if you’re sending out a lot. It’s good to know when are the best days and when are the best times to send them.

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I’have got some experience with this and i’m going to share my experience with you and the times that i think you should be sending email right now.

We’re talking about the best times to send email marketing. Just so you know, i’ve been sending out emails to a lot of people for a while back before we have the advanced crms that we have right now crms like Moosend, GetReponse, Convertkit,

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First. Is you don’t want to end up in spam folders, it’s not so bad. If you end up in promotional, folders or update folders, it’s better to be in primary. Of course, but you can train your audience on how to move them from promotions into primary, but essentially, if you end up in spam folders, then you’ve got a very big problem. It means that there are certain things that those internet service providers need to see in order for your email to end up in an inbox, and that means you have to set your dns records properly, and that means spf, dkim and even dmarc records, and these things Can be set for the autoresponder that you’re currently using or the crm as it were, and that’s very important, because if you don’t pay attention to that, then the likelihood that people will continue to open your emails goes down dramatically.

You also want to stay away from sending emails to people who don’t use those emails anymore. In other words they bounce, so you should automatically unsubscribe any bounces and also you want to clean your lists from time to time. I run them through a list cleaner from time to time, just to make sure the list is up to date, anyway, back in the early days, it was kind of like the wild west of spamming. We didn’t have all of these internet service providers with all these rules, certainly not things like gmail or yahoo, or hotmail, which is really the hardest email inboxes to get into, and also there was really no way for people to mark emails as spam.

It’S not like importing a bunch of names and then automatically just sending out emails. There’S a lot more things that you need to be considering so anyway, let’s say, for example, that you’ve got your list, managed really really well you’re continuing to send emails on a regular basis. I would say once a week, or at least once every couple of weeks and certainly more when you’re doing promotions. So when is the best time to send email.

So in my experience when i’m sending out promotional emails, especially ones where we’re expecting people to respond and take some type of buying action, meaning we’re sending them a coupon, we’re sending them some type of promotion where they’re gon na have to spend whatever money. So the best time is tuesday, wednesday and thursday. It’S less likely that people will take action on the weekend, because people are typically doing other things and they’re not even really paying attention to their email.


I think, if you’re sending a freebie, it’s okay to send emails early saturday morning, because you know people are sitting around with a coffee not really doing much. Maybe they’re checking their email, maybe they’re not, but when it’s a free offer, it’s not a lot of thought process involved for them. So i think free offers are okay in the weekend, but i would still stick to tuesday, wednesday and thursday. If you’re sending out promotional emails, like i say when you’re expecting people to buy.


What times should you send them out?


So i like to send emails at 6am, typically, because i want to be the last person in their inbox before they open in their email and if you know anything about the way email looks in an inbox which, of course you do.


It means that the most recent emails appear at the top of the list. So it’s a good idea to send your emails out at 6am, because you’ll be at or near the top of the list when people start reading through their emails. And, of course, if people get a lot of email like i do you kind of go through the list in order from top to bottom, then the next best time, i think, is 10 a.m. It’S kind of mid-morning people have settled into work and now they’re checking their email to see what’s going on so 6A. And then second best is 10 AM. If you’re gon na send out an email in the afternoon, then i would recommend 2PM or 8PM, so 2PM is kind of like mid afternoon, they’re, probably going to check their emails sometime between then and the end of their work day.




So if you’re in there at 2pm, then you’re probably going to get noticed by people who are checking their email before the end of work, 8 p.m is, of course, for general audiences, not necessarily a business audience. So if you’ve got a general audience, send your email out at 8pm and they’ll read it before they go to bed or they’re checking their email sometime in the evening. Okay, just to reiterate tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays are the best days to send email. 6 a. Is by far the best time: 10. AM the second best time and then 2 PM or 8 PM, is kind of like the third best times. The last thing that i want to say is: if you’re going to choose a crm to send email marketing, you have to consider which crm this that is and which smtp service you’re using so


Lead Generation Tool




I now turn to the second part of my article presenting Salesblink a carefully designed leads and sales platform to obtain the best and most effective leads. Therefore, connecting with the right people to buy your product or service, you will enjoy this well-devised outreach, automation suite you might be thinking. How can sales blink help me today? It all starts with finding prospects from web domains. Then automating cold outreach maintain a deal pipeline to get fully booked months and so much more, it’s in fact, a huge time.


Saver platform for gathering leads information, since you are working for better prospecting, outreach and conversion sales. Blink comes to you as a great alternative to major platforms available today, such as hunter.eo and apollo.eo sales. Blink is great for sales teams looking for an easier way to find and convert new leads with automated outreach.


You have specific sales targets and clearly you want to reach as many of your prospects as you can. Sales, blink will make this easier for you to meet your sales goals by providing you the functionality to create complex multi-channel outreach campaigns like this one shown behind me with sales blink. You will always reach the right audiences by searching sorting and targeting factors like industry and location in the prospect finder. It’S always better to have plenty of ways to reach prospects, discover site social media handles on linkedin, twitter and any other relevant platforms using company domain knowledge. Finally, you will be able to find those companies, employee emails with just a click.


Sales blink allows you to identify professional emails by domain in real time, but when sending out emails, we recommend using the smtp email verifier to reduce email, bounces quick offer. If you like what you are hearing about salesblink get your access today at a great price, by checking out this link GetMySpotToday



To make the best use of Salesblink, try searching lee prospects from around the globe using industry and location, specific filters, Salesblink lets you run concurrent campaigns.

It’s that simple, supervise, leads replies and opportunities using the customer relationship management tools. That would give you a better grasp on what’s happening and what to do next stay organized with sales. Blink keep outreach tasks up to date for synchronous status and data sharing. All this simply by regularly adding information about cold calls and their outcomes.


Once you have scheduled your campaigns on specific dates, you can follow their tracks and monitor the completion tasks entirely from your dashboard check out the sales blink meeting links using this tool. Your prospects will be allowed to book meetings to stay in touch with you and the whole team. It’S as easy as sending your unique shareable link, and they just have to click on it. You can connect your google calendar to schedule your meetings with prospective leads and, of course, you can also define the precise working hours forget about losing that one piece of scrap paper you use to write all your meetings just explore sales, blink calendars and fill them with Events, descriptions, locations and details if you prefer to sales blink, is so flexible that it allows you to join a zoo meeting straight from your calendar.


Personalize your emails with custom images and dynamic variables for a better presentation with the right professional touch, impress your prospects and show them that their point of view matters all this with one tool. Salesblink makes converting leads so simple from start to finish: providing resources for every step of your sales campaign and automating cold outreach. When you have high sales goals, you will require tools that can help you achieve them. Land on leads with confidence and turn campaign goals into campaign, successes from prospecting to reaching out to prospects and closing deals at a lightning, fast speed. All in one place, Salesblink is the tool you need get your access today GetMySpotToday


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