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Clickmagick Content Tracking – Clickmagick Review – Clickmagick Tutorial + Tracking Setup + Case Stady

Clickmagick Content Tracking – Clickmagick Review - Clickmagick Tutorial + Tracking Setup + Case Stady

CLICKMAGICK : A TRACKING TOOL FOR IMMEDIATE USE – How to sell more by tracking your traffic

clickmagick best tracking tool

Hello everyone and welcome to this new article!

Today we are going to talk about a pretty awesome tool to track your links and your results on the internet. A tracking tool that you will have direct links to on this article.

ClickMagick, the all-in-one click tracking and optimization solution for any kind of online business. Today I’m going to show you how to build a retargeting list using ClickMagick’s affiliate tracking links.

Retargeting your website visitors is an incredibly powerful way to increase your revenue. If you don’t do it, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table! The return on your advertising spend will be there. You have already spent money to attract your visitors in the first place and if they leave without taking the desired action on the page, they are normally lost for good and therefore, money and time wasted.

However, with retargeting, you can follow them around the web and take advantage of other opportunities to market to them. In the past, you had to be able to place a retargeting pixel on the website pages you wanted to retarget.

If you didn’t have control over those pages (an affiliate promotion, for example), you were out of luck. You can add any type of third-party retargeting pixel – from Facebook, Google, Perfect Audience AdRoll and others – to any tracking link You create.

With ClickMagick it doesn’t matter if the link follows a third party affiliate site, page or other website that you don’t control, you’ll be able to retarget all your visitors and show them additional ads for your offers. It’s very easy to use this feature in ClickMagick Once you’ve created a normal tracking link, just click on the ‘Edit’ option and select the ‘Pixel’ tab Then, paste, your desired retargeting pixel code into the available field and click on ‘Save Changes’ and you’re finally ready!

From there, you can retarget any visitor who clicks on your link. Retargeting ads are some of the most profitable, effective and powerful ads. This is an additional feature of ClickMagick that increases ROI and sets it apart from other click tracking and optimization solutions available on the market.

Try for free clickmagick

You can explore all the features and see for yourself how easy it is to start tracking and optimizing Your online marketing activity!

ClickMagick Feature

ClickMagick feature

Thanks again for sticking around until now and giving me some of your reading time 😊. We’re going to continue our series on ClickMagick, the all-in-one click tracking and optimization solution for any type of online business, and I decided to take a case study for a better understanding of the power of this tool! We’re going to talk about how to track sales results from an article.

You marketers out there who own a blog, a site, a store, you want to have an easy way to know which articles are performing the best, which videos on your channel are producing traffic that translates into opt-ins or sales of your own products or affiliate products. You can’t depend on simple affiliate platform numbers or even google analytics which is very complicated for beginners to understand, to tell you which article, product, video is driving visitors to buy. You need a way to easily track your results. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do so using ClickMagick.

First of all, if you are a regular reader of our articles, you already know that we are affiliates, marketers and we believe in the magic of the click. We use it every minute of every day in our online business. So we promote it with enthusiasm and sincerity because it’s exactly the kind of high quality product we want to tell other marketers about. We could simply use the “ClickMagick” tracking link in all our articles. But if we did that, we’d have no idea which specific items are generating our sales, and we definitely want to know, so we have two choices.

We can create a unique tracking link for each item. This will work, but over time we may have hundreds of different tracking links and it will take a little longer to set them all up… The most elegant and efficient solution is to create a unique tracking link and, for each article, add a unique sub-ID at the end of this link. It is this unique sub-ID that will tell us that a particular sale has been made by a reader of that item. This is the path.

Once you’ve created the tracking link in ClickMagick, you can simply add as many unique sub-IDs as you want without needing to make these changes in the dashboard. Your sub-identifier naming system doesn’t have to be very complex, just something that makes sense to you and that you can use to quickly identify and understand which item, product, video is generating results. By using tracking links like this, we’ll be able to identify all the sales that come from readers of a specific article, for example, simply by checking our statistics in the ClickMagick dashboard and looking for the unique sub-identifier we’ve added to the end of our tracking link.

Pros & Cons

A) Pros

  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks /mo
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • 2 year data retention
  • 30-Day Free Trial on All Accounts
  • Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels
  • Geotargeting/Mobile Optimization
  • 24/7 Click-Fraud & Link Monitoring
  • Works Everywhere You Advertise

B) Cons

  • Support can be improved


If you would like to see all the different ways Clickmagick can help you grow your business, click Here and request your free 14 day trial.

All it takes is a little navigation in the dashboard and you’ll be the pilot of your business, you can explore Clickmagick and see for yourself what will completely change your outlook and subsequently a real change in your results and performance.





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