elfsight YouTube Widget, Best Practices, The YouTube Algorithm & Monetization Update

elfsight YouTube Widget, Best Practices, The YouTube Algorithm & Monetization Update

In this article, I will explain how the new YouTube algorithm works. At least, I’ll try to explain the changes I’ve seen in the last few months so that you can get the best out of this platform. It’s important to point out that no one knows exactly how YouTube’s algorithm works except for the technicians who work at YouTube, but by gathering different information I’ve been able to pick up from right and left while doing my own research 🔎 and testing, today in this article, I want to share my own findings.

The YouTube algorithm and how it works

The YouTube algorithm is a computer program that will search for the content that best matches your search. The goal of this program is that the person ends up watching a video that comes closest to the keywords typed on the search bar if not the exact search.

The ultimate goal of YouTube is to keep people on its platform as long as possible. The calculation is very simple, the more videos people watch, the more likely they are to watch ads and the more money YouTube makes. This is the business model of 99% of social media.

The YouTube version 2022 algorithm is much more powerful, I’ve seen that there are really three determining factors for the YouTube version 2022 algorithm,

  • The SEO of your video and,
  • The quality of your script and,
  • The performance of your video.

The algorithm also favors two other metrics,

  • The click rate and,
  • The retention rate.

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You will have understood, your videos must meet the requirements of the YouTube algorithm, then you will have a chance to be put forward.

YouTube Regulations

Copyright protection works differently now and if you try to cheat Youtube, your account will be blocked immediately. Your channel can quickly lose its monetization and if Youtube considers your content to be of poor quality, you can forget about monetization!

Let’s start with the most important news of late, you already know everything about it, but I still want to give my comments about it.

I Like The Video VS I Don’t Like The Video 📼

The dislike count, or lack thereof, or rather the partial lack thereof. What happened? The dislike button is stained, but the dislike counter will now be private for only the creator of a video. This does not affect the algorithm in any way, as the counter was affecting the algorithm before as just the effect now.

In that sense, nothing has changed specifically for the creators in the Youtube studio. Almost nothing has changed either. If you want, you can still find the number of dislikes.

Q, How can I objectively evaluate now if this video is worth watching or not, because if it’s frankly bad and it’s considered bad by the community, there are a lot of dislikes that I would rather not waste my time…

Youtube has its own position and the answer to this question, earlier in 2021, a group of Youtube researchers came to the conclusion that there are some viewers who use the dislike button as a kind of games.

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It’s usually because they don’t like the creator himself or his ideas, the dislikes go up and they just raise the score counter and Youtube decided to conduct an experiment that took place earlier in 2021, where they also removed the number of dislikes on a video and found that, yes, indeed, the number of dislikes started to decrease and their opinion was confirmed.

Regarding the question of whether the number of dislikes affects the viewer’s decision to watch that video or not, they said that during the experiment they found that this is not necessarily the case, it may impact the video, but in general the number of viewers did not change.

In other words, the experiment showed that it doesn’t matter if a video has a lot of dislikes or not. They watch anyway.

Q, The next question, if creators can always see the number of dislikes in the background, how is that different?

Youtube wants to protect all creators and make sure that they are not upset and that they have a chance to get a fair valuation of their content. One of the main points of youtube is to give every person, every creator, the opportunity to express their opinion and create the content they want.

By removing the dislikes counter under the video, Youtube helps the whole community, both the viewers and the creators.

Do you agree?

For example, if the creator is responsible and creates good content, he does his best to please. Viewers are watching his or her videos and they have that connection. In that case, there are probably more pros and cons.

But what worries me is the number of scam projects that can appear: if a viewer clicks on such a video from recommendations, all they notice is the number of likes. You don’t see the dislikes, you scroll through the comments. There are only positive comments because the negative ones have been cleaned up.

In this case some viewers may fall into the lame trap of these creators, but Youtube probably has its own tools to control this!

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