Internet Marketing School All Posts,Productivity,Video content creation Envato Elements Review – THE MOST COMPLETE PLATFORM FOR CREATORS ? Youtubers, Bloggers and Filmmakers

Envato Elements Review – THE MOST COMPLETE PLATFORM FOR CREATORS ? Youtubers, Bloggers and Filmmakers

Envato Elements Review - THE MOST COMPLETE PLATFORM FOR CREATORS Youtubers, Bloggers and Filmmakers

Envato Elements Review

I’m happy to see you in a new article. Welcome to you dear marketers. So today I’m going to introduce you to envato elements and how it can help you as a beginning filmmaker or media creator.

So what exactly is envato elements?

Well, envato elements is an unlimited subscription to digital assets. When you put it that way it might make you sound like a Beug, so I’ll break it down.


UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 1,500,000+ PowerPoint Templates & Design Assets

All the PowerPoint Templates you need and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of ,500,000+ items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!

A digital asset is something that is digital and it’s an asset, so it could be stock images or a video template. A web template could be stock photos, music, sound effects, all sorts of different things. It goes a little bit further than that as well, but instead of buying these things individually, which can get very expensive, envato elements offers an unlimited subscription. So basically, you pay once a month for unlimited downloads of all these assets, which will save you tons of money in the long run. So having a subscription to this type of service is really going to help you as a media creator, youtuber, blogger, or movie maker.

Finish Design Projects Quickly

So, as you might have guessed, I use envato elements a lot in my creations. In my videos for example that I compile with Vidnami, another software that I recommend to you, you will notice that my intro is an After Effects template that I got from Envato Elements. So basically I just put it into After Effects and changed a few things. As I go along, I also use the title that goes between each section of my videos, which is also from envato elements, which I think is really cool, and then I also use the music from envato elements. And recently I’ve been making videos, which was all made with Envato Elements.

vidnami for free


There’s just a bunch of videos and music put together from envato elements, I’m going to describe some things that would be advantages of this service and then some things that are disadvantages.

I’ve been using this service for about six months, so I’ve really become familiar with the pros and cons of using the subscription service, so first I’ll start with the pros of envato elements :

The first thing would be the assortment of digital resources, and by that I mean they offer all kinds of different digital resources. So instead of just music, they actually have video images, stock photos, website templates and all kinds of different things.


The nice thing about envato elements is that you don’t pay for all these different subscriptions for all these different types of assets. They have all these assets and one subscription. This is in contrast to other subscription services that only offer one thing for a certain amount per month and if you go through those other subscription services, you’re going to end up with a little bit of a big bill for subscriptions, because you’re going to be buying a subscription for each digital asset, whereas in envato elements, it’s all under one roof. The other thing I like is the price, the current price is €14.50 per month and that’s just for the monthly subscription. This means that you can cancel at any time.



UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 50+ Million WordPress & Design Assets

If you take the annual subscription, it’s much cheaper. I think it’s even half the price. So if you’re willing to commit to half the year, you get half the price. The price is really great because with other subscription services, like another one I looked at, it was $19.50/month, for I think video, images and music, and it was a one year subscription. So if you wanted to do a monthly subscription for video footage and music, it would have been a lot more expensive each month, so envato elements is really affordable and offers you a ton of stuff and lastly, I like the way you can organize your projects With envato elements, they have categories called collections, so I use those collections for every video I make.


If I’m working on three different YouTube videos, I’m going to have three different collections and when I search through the content, I might see something that’s for another video that I’m not working on right now…

I don’t want to forget that it’s there, so I’ll save it to the collection and that way I won’t have to download it to my computer. But I can have a chance to look at my collections and find what I want to download. I like the way they allow you to organize your projects, and now for the downside of envato elements, over the six month subscription with them.


The only thing that is a bit of a disappointment is that their quality standard is not very high. So when you are looking for content, you really have to dig through everything and find the good stuff. There’s some really good quality stuff out there, but it’s a little bit harder to find, whereas other more expensive subscription services usually have better quality standards, which means you’ll get better quality content immediately. So, if you’re a pro and you don’t have time and you delegated your achievements spent your way otherwise, it can be worth your time and learning to discern between good art and bad art, and I’ve learned a lot, digging through all of their content, about what makes video footage great and what makes it high quality video footage. This can be very informative in itself, but for a professional filmmaker, it can be a bit frustrating because you just want good content right away.


The other drawback of envato elements would be the music specific search engine. I feel like the creators who submit things to envato elements are not required to tag things or list tracks that are useful to the listener.

I find that if I’m looking for something upbeat and I put an instrumental next to it, I come across a huge list of upbeat or optimistic corporate music, upbeat pop, upbeat dance and it’s not very useful. So when I’m looking for music, I have to listen to every clip until I find one I like. It would be much easier if you could search by instrument or by instrument with the emotion attached to it. I think this will be useful for media creators.


I once tried to find rap music for a video I liked and I really dug around and it turned out that my video was called zoro something like that. But it had nothing to do with rap. I thought it would be really great if it came up right away when I typed rap.

So it would be great if they could require their creators to tell people what instruments they’re using for example, if it’s rap or pop or whatever just to make it easier for people to search for these things, because I feel like their search engine is not that great.

So again, you have to spend a little bit more time searching for your content, but it can be worth it because you have a whole bunch of assets at your fingertips.


I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions about envato elements, feel free to let me know in the comments section below and I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible. Also, if you want to see a video made entirely from envato elements, be sure to ask in the comments.


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