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[ FIVERR AFFILIATE ] Affiliate Program Affiliates – Up to $150+ per Sale – How To Make Money On Fiverr

[ FIVERR AFFILIATE ] Affiliate Program Affiliates - Up to $150+ per Sale - How To Make Money On Fiverr

You want to develop an online income stream tonight without creating products or services

Stay with me until the end of this article because we’re going to see how to generate recurring income through affiliate marketing on Fiverr

Like any self-respecting entrepreneur I love finding new online businesses to launch and new sources of income to develop and affiliate marketing is one of my favorite online businesses!

Why Affiliate Marketing Is My Favorite Business

Simply because it’s easy and it allows you to earn a passive income. Indeed, once the work is done upstream you will earn money in a passive and automatic way!

To summarize for those who do not know the affiliation or who still have questions about it, it is very simple we will take the product or service of a company or a person we will promote this product or service in question and we will receive a commission once the product or service sold. It’s as simple as saying hello!

In this article we will only focus on the affiliation on the Fiverr platform, simply because it is one of the best affiliation programs currently on the market and it is also on the Fiverr platform that I take many providers and you will quickly understand why it can become extremely profitable.

So for those who don’t know Fiverr it’s simply one of the biggest platforms to find freelancers for your online business, there’s really everything: graphic design, design, digital marketing, writing, translation, videos… there’s really everything, it’s the platform where I think there’s probably the most choice and the most qualitative choices.

Personally, I ordered a lot of services on Fiverr, I ordered a lot of things over the years, especially to create content, to find ideas for content, to create small designs, to create sales pages… It’s really interesting because it’s a platform where there are a lot of services and the quality-price ratio is excellent.

Set Your Business Up For Success

Want to make this your most successful year yet? Make sure to cover all your bases. Focus on what you do best and find experts for all of the rest. Fiverr is a great place to find professional help in every field imaginable. Have countless to-dos? Fiverr’s freelancers can be counted on to do them all. On time and on budget.

Wondering where to start? Here are your 3 steps to business success:

1. Build a Better Brand
Want a brand that earns your customers’ trust and loyalty? Don’t confuse them with a bland brand.Create a standout brand across every aspect of your marketing: Brand your logo, your website, your app, your social media.You get the picture. (but make sure that picture looks good)

  • Get a world-class logo design
  • Design your social media to reflect your brand
  • Tailor your web and mobile design to fit your brand

Social Media Design

Logo Design

Web Design

2. Grow Your Customer Base
They’re not going to walk in your door if they don’t know who you are. Catch them while they’re browsing the Internet at home. Pop up on mobile while they’re walking around town. Whatever it takes to reel them in.Pump up your presence online with these easy fixes:

  • Boost your social media marketing (SMM): Target your ideal customers and appear in their social media feeds.
  • Level up your search engine marketing (SEM): Pop to the top of the search results with your targeted ads.
  • Step up your SEO: Rank first on Google search results and get the attention your brand deserves.


Social Marketing

ASearch Engine Marketing

3. Stay Ahead of Your Digital Game

To keep pace with the latest digital trends, you have to keep up with the times. This means you need to give your users what they demand.

Constant content updates: Who wants yesterday’s news?

Short, engaging videos: Your customers crave them.

Seamless user experience (UX): Because no one wants to waste time looking around your site for info when they can find it elsewhere faster. A clean, user-friendly user interface (UI) can clean out the clutter and make your users even more engaged.

Stay ahead of the pack with:

  • Website Content
  • Short Video Ads
  • WordPress Site Building

Video Ads


Website Content

Everything your business needs is just 3 steps away!

Learn more about how to build and grow your business with
Fiverr Business Guides.


Fiverr CPA, Fiverr Hybrid, Fiverr PRO, Fiverr LEARN, Fiverr AND CO

There are different modes of compensation and we will talk and we can receive up to $ 1000 per conversion.

The process is simple, you sign up as an affiliate, recommend the providers and services that Fiverr offers and you get a commission, it’s very simple. In addition there are different things you can promote with Fiverr there are different entities; Fiverr CPA, Fiverr Hybrid, Fiverr PRO, Fiverr LEARN, Fiverr AND CO.

The payment methods are as different as the entities depending on the product or service you choose to promote. There are plenty of resources available to help and guide you in promoting Fiverr services and how to showcase them.

That’s go ! To start we’ll click on earn money now and they’ll offer us to sign up. Fill in all the requested information and account type if you have a business, your business information and if you are an individual you put your first name your last name your email and click next once you click next you will arrive on your affiliate dashboard.

It is simply a dashboard where you have all your statistics for example: the number of clicks on your affiliate links, the number of registrations, your conversion rate, your affiliate commissions.

To get links to promote Fiverr these ultra simple you go to marketing tools on the side you click on all the marketing tools and you will have for example banners to put on your blog, on your site which is one of the means of promotion but after if you want links you click on url by default, you will have all the links at your disposal.

Compensation Question | Compensation Methods | Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr Services

Fiverr offers different commissions (from $15 to $50) depending on the category your customer buys in.

You are eligible for CPA commission as soon as your customer makes a first purchase on Fiverr. This is what Fiverr calls a New Customer.

50 $

Whiteboard Animations

Video & Animation

Book & eBook Writing – NEW!

Copywriting & Translation

Architecture & Interior Design – NEW!

Graphics & Design

Game Development

Web Programming

40 $

Web Designers & CMS

Web Programming

Mobile Applications

Web Programming


Web Programming

Website & Mobile Interfaces

Graphics & Design

E-Commerce Development

Web programming

30 $

Logo Maker – NEW!

Logo Maker

Web Programming – NEW!

Web Programming


Digital Marketing

Website Content – NEW!

Copywriting & Translation

Proofreading & Editing – NEW!

Copywriting & Translation

3D Models & Product Design

Graphics & Design

Packaging Designs – NEW!

Graphics & Design

Business plans – NEW!


Data Analysis & Reporting

Web Programming

Short Videos – NEW!

Video & Animation

25 $

Articles & Blog Posts

Copywriting & Translation

Virtual Assistant – NEW!



Graphics & Design

E-commerce Marketing – NEW!

Digital Marketing


Music & Audio


Copywriting & Translation

Product Sheets – NEW!

Writing & Translation

15 $

All other categories


5 free traffic sources to promote your Fiverr links

I’m sharing on this chapter of my article five traffic sources that affiliate marketers love:

Number five is Pinterest

Indeed, pinterest is a social network that most of us have heard of, there’s nothing new about it, but the stats speak better for it

Pinterest enjoys a Ranking of 27 globally and a US National Ranking of 26th with a Total visits to On computers and mobiles over the last 6 months of 1.12B Visits in total 4.66% the average Duration of a visit is 00:04:47 Pages per visit 4.72 Bounce rate 47.71%.

My pinterest account which gets very very little work from me, sends me a committed audience of people who click on my Pins, so that brings close to a thousand to two thousand people each month to one of my Shops, which is less than what google drives but I hardly work on this account! Life is good.

The other reason I love Pinterest is because it’s a search engine and search engines generate passive income, which means I can publish content on Pinterest and it can bring me traffic in six months. it can bring me traffic in a year and so search engines are the only things that actually do it and pinterest is one of the easiest search engines to rank, especially as a beginner.

Number four is Quora

World Ranking 83rd US National Ranking 68th Total visits to On computers and mobiles in the last 6 months Total visits 552.60M 1.03% Average visit duration 00:02:38 Pages per visit 2.06 Bounce rate 63.75%

Thanks to Quora the hundreds of views in a short time always lead to clicks on my youtube videos my blog posts all in a passive way now quora is super cool because you can actually rank in google in quora in a few hours. Quora ranks for millions of keywords in google and you may not want to start a blog but you can write comments in quora and if you have the best comment in quora, you get ranked in google.

By simply answering all the questions as they come up, it takes very little start up time very little money and it can explode your results very very quickly.

Number three Facebook profile

Channel number three is your own personal Facebook profile, many marketers miss out on their first circle of acquaintances, this is your first lite don’t overlook it, don’t miss out.

You could go from zero to five figures a month in literally 30 days all you’re going to do is add friends on faceBook you can have up to 5,000 friends. You’re going to be able to build a relationship with them and then you’re going to offer offers to these new friends, you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your affiliate links.

Number two TiKtok

Number two is TiKtok you can grow a brand new TiKtok account from zero to 10,000 subscribers in a matter of weeks and I’ll be honest it’s not because I’m a TiKtok genius that I’m telling you this. It’s because of what TiKtok can do thanks to its algorithm.

Indeed TiKtok algorithm is much easier than almost any other social platform at the moment, they give a chance to almost everyone to grow on their network. To be honest with you I don’t think it will stay. A tip to develop TiKtok accounts today. TiKtok is very easy to get started and to post content takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes per video and any video has the potential to go viral.

Number one Medium Twitter

Number one is Medium associated with Twitter. Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writings on any topic or you can share your affiliate links but be careful to be subtle otherwise your account will be deleted. World Ranking 359th National Ranking United States 297th Total Visits to On Computers and Mobile in the Last 6 Months Total Visits 161.08M 5.18% Average Visit Duration 00:01:39 Pages per Visit 1.72 Bounce Rate 74.38%.

Twitter is the must have social media application where you will find all the latest world news so you can build a community quite educated so very interested if you will propose the right offer.

World ranking 4th National ranking USA 5 Total visits on On computers and mobiles in the last 6 months Total visits 6.88B 0.58% Average duration of a visit 00:10:44 Pages per visit 11.50 Bounce rate 29.80

If you can really give an advice it’s to have a strategy that will be long term to create a real ecosystem with the creation of content either on Youtube, Facebook, instagram, TiKtok or on a blog but of course you do as you want you can also share with your community but my real advice is to create something that will be really on the long term.

That’s it for today, if you enjoyed this article that you discovered something with this affiliation on Fiverr which is really well remunerative thank you to leave a comment and subscribe to the newsletters I say thank you to you for reading me and we meet again very soon for a next business opportunity on this ciao chicos.

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