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ConvertKit Tutorial – Step-by-Step Email Marketing Tutorial- Free ConvertKit Account

ConvertKit Tutorial - Step-by-Step Email Marketing Tutorial- Free ConvertKit Account


Article for you if you have an activity of your own! Free ConvertKit Account

Hello friends, my mission is to help entrepreneurs and for that I share my experience with an open heart one of the things I didn’t do five years ago when I started to publish content and have an independent activity.

One very important thing is to have a direct link with the people who are interested in your content, in your work, in your activity, in your products.

To maintain this link, you have to send a newsletter, which you can do with many applications or software.

A platform that I like very much and that I use for my weekly newsletters to which you can subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Convertkit works, it’s very simple, very efficient and very practical! I love it, I’m absolutely convinced by convertkit; I started using it a few months ago now.

It’s an email marketing tool that I like very much I have an affiliate link so if you are interested in convertkit click on the link.

Let’s go for a little guided tour on the convertkit dashboard so we’ll see all the tabs, I’ll explain you the first users are the subscribers you have so you can see their email address you can also see a graph with the number of subscribers that come you can see day in weekdays in black you can select subscribers you can select a period of time and see the evolution of the number of subscribers with the total name of subscribers on the left.

Then you have the opening percentage, the percentage of clicks on your email and then on the right is the number of subscribers per day, how many new subscribers. So you see the date when they subscribed to your email list, to the newsletter and then you see the tags here. The tags in fact is to group subscribers according to their interests, on which link they click.
For example, in the newsletter you can create tags and segments. A segment is a group of tags for example: all those who are interested in affiliation, all those who are interested in passive revenue. So you can create segments that are a group of tags that are a group of tags.

In the dropdown list you can find confirmed subscribers, subscribers who didn’t click on confirmed and then cold subscribers, in fact it’s the subscribers who don’t open emails anymore.

So it can be interesting to make a group action of all the selected ones and then ask them the question: are they still interested in our emails.

We can add a sequence, a group of emails to see what’s going on and eventually they’re not on our list anymore you can also export them as a list or just delete them.

It’s really interesting this feature and it also allows you to do a grouped action, so it’s really handy! Add an action then it can be useful if you already have another service to make newsletters and you want to bring a whole bunch of email addresses you can bring them from another newsletter service provider you can import them from a CSV file it’s a bit like an excel workbook, it can be very useful if you change to convertkit.

Here we will see the automation. You can automate a series of actions, for example; sending several emails depending on the behavior, depending on where the subscriber is going to click in an email, depending on what he is going to do if he is going to buy a product or not for example. It’s really very interesting.

Another example, the welcome sequence, I create my new automatiom, I’m going to start by creating a form for people to subscribe to the newsletter.
In this example, I chose landing page, that means a page where there’s only a form to subscribe to the newsletter if you’re looking at my site for the first time, you get to a landing page that I made with mailchimp so it’s very easy to create this kind of page.

You can customize everything you can change the name of the button you can change all the texts you can change all the colors of course if you have a color that is attached to your site or you have your brand image and well you can customize everything you can change the background of course you can put a picture you can put another color it’s really interesting and nice because it’s easy and you can easily find your way around.

The little envelope that people will receive when they subscribe to the newsletter, it can be a free offer, a welcome gift can be a file, a pdf.



The landing page, the home page where we arrive to register, once it’s done is ready to go online we’ll be able to add something to our automatic sequence, there’s a lot of action possible. It can be an event, it can be an action, it can be a condition, you can do a lot of things and it’s really very interesting because we do this it allows you to customize everything you see.

For example, we’re going to choose an action, that is, when people are going to sign up, we’re going to send them a sequence of emails, that is, two, three or more emails, no matter what they’re going to receive after signing up for our newsletter.

There we create a sequence, it’s the same we can call it a welcome sequence, it doesn’t matter, this is for you you create the sequence when people subscribe to the newsletter so there we arrive on a page with emails you see that there is an email in the sequence it can be welcome, thank you, … etc

The emails you can add as many as you want, you can send them after one day, after two days, after three days… you can choose that the emails will never be received such, it will be enough to pick up at the bottom for example here we uncheck Sunday.

You can even add a filter for example I want to send this email only to people who have bought my product or who have not bought my product no matter what you know thanks to the tags, labels that are in your newsletter.

It’s simple and efficient, you personalize, you register and then the automated sequence is ready and people will receive everything you have programmed.

So it’s very interesting to be able to couple convertkit with other applications that you already use. I’m thinking about shopify that I often recommend to people who sell physical products or with wordpress.


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