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GetResponse: Auto-Responder, Emailings, Landing Pages, Email Marketing

GetResponse Auto-Responder, Emailings, Landing Pages, Email Marketing

We will be interested in this time this to the software Get response then I remind you what it is Get response it is used to retrieve the email from the person and then broadcast the content that we have chosen to send to this person, a gift or a series of emails that we have worked on with the right content that will meet the deeper needs of the person and all that in a completely automated.


The first thing you will have to to do is to connect to Get response. So you go to Get response and you go to the site you normally arrived on this page there you arrive on a presentation general of the tool everything it is capable of doing, in particular in creation of the professional quality mail of the creation of pages professional destination for monitoring the customer journey and it is a tool very complete you can do a lot of things with.

We are really going used three main functions it is the auto responder it is the fact that when someone leaves you their email Get response save it in a list that we will call the mailing list it puts it in its database and then the tool will send the message that you have previously chosen to send to him . Get response will also go to send a sequence of messages to a specific date to the person without you having to take care of it.

Get response allow us finally to send in mass a large quantity of e-mails when for example you want to communicate on a promotion for a product or also communicate on the release of a new product, thus all the people who will be registered in your list of broadcast will be aware that you have a new product.

Getresponse free

It will thus allow you to develop your business. Get response it is a product that at a cost, you can start with the beginners offer which costs 13 euros and more later switch to the pro offer which at 45 euros but I advise you to start with the offer at 13 euros it allows you to have a list of distribution of 1000 contacts is more than enough at the start and you can choose more contacts later when you have made a grow your business.

The advantage when you start is that registration is free and you can test the product for 30 days so I invite you to click on free registration and to fill in your information in the boxes which I let you do that and we meet all immediately after for a short presentation of the tool.

We continue on the presentation of the Get response tool and this time we will be interested in the administration tool so what they call the dashboard us what will interest us for to realize our automation system it is especially the first two tabs who are the contact and email marketing so we will really focus on these two tabs so let’s start first with the contact tab the contact tab will bring together all of your lists of Email distribution

The lists of e-mails that you have retrieved thanks to your capture pages more people fall on your stream capture pages they leave their emails plus it makes your mailing lists bigger and then, all his contacts will be found in this tab so they will be listed one below the other so the contact part of Get response will be used to manage and administer all of your contacts.

In the first tab list well you will have the reads that you will have created for your different information products search is to search for a contact segment its to segment your contact base your mailing lists for example a simple segmentation would be on the criterion of the age you want divided into three your list of diffusion and well you can for example do if you have retrieved the date of birth of your contacts segmented your database into three parts for example from 0 to 30 years from 30 years to 60 years and from 60 to more so you can distribute products according to the age type of your contacts.

The statistics will give you a number of data on your basis such as geographic distribution activity and the behavior of your base the interview analysis will allow you to remove duplicate email addresses that you have duplicated and three other fields we are not going to use them in this article.

The firTst thing you will have to do is create your first list of contacts we go there created together we will click on create a list and you will enter the name of your list and we’ll call it FREE products, here is your first list is created and it is here so there is no contact that’s normal the list will fill up as and when that you collect email contacts from your customers.

That’s it every time you want to send broadcast emails and well you will have to choose this list that you called FREE products for example in this case for pre-configured your auto responder will now see how the auto- responder machine works

We go to Email marketing and we will choose auto responder so we will create a new auto responder right we will call it Product A, the day is the day on which the message will be sent.

If you want send it right after the person is sent their email and fills in his email well you will put 0 in this box if you want to send it the next day you will have to put 1, two days later simply then the tab in the list there is the list of sites of broadcast that we saw earlier so that’s who you want to send this message and well it’s to the list that is targeted by your FREE product so you click on FREE products then sent a message you will leave it at the time of registration so it don’t come to touch activate Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that especially you do not want to send any day of the week and then comes creation of the email so you click on it to create your email so it moves it message name anyway it has not it will appear so you can put whatever you want put a message name of so that you can find the message later. Message welcome welcome, object, then on the other hand the object be much more precise and relevant because that this is the message that will be sent to the person it is the object that will see the person in their email box so they really need to see that comes from you and that it is not spam and where an advertisement for example you can put hi this is your chance today.

Once you have written this you can move on to the next step there you arrive on a page of predefined templates by Get response which will build your own email so you can browse them and choose the one you like the most. There is really any type of model for title types of activity sectors for example this one by clicking on it and you arrive on the model page so then you it will be enough to change the different elements it works by block just click on a block and you arrive and you can change what is written in the block for example you change the whole message is whatever is in US you put it in ES because Get response is a software in English so most of the models will be in English but you will just have to go in a block of the select and change the message in X languages that you so want it to work a little bit like word as a software word processor and there is no difficulty you have the same possibilities in this software as in the word processor.

Once you have chosen how your email will be arranged, you can save you can do next step do not forget you put 0 is what you want your message will be sent immediately and not in 1, 2 days. Once all this is done you will have all that is already pre configured and you can register.

Yes, your message is displayed here there by default it is disabled to activate it just click on deactivate it will become active there for the example we will simply deactivate it if at some point you want modify your message, just click on it then go here modify your message and then redo the steps could arrive on the page and thus change the text of messages or the form of the message. Once you have changed your message you click on next step and it’s the same you click save if you want to have them are activated directly you click on save published and you see there are written assets so earlier there was marked disables. For this example i’ll just disable it you i won’t use it. Here it is in a few minutes depending on you can create an auto-responder message on Get response.

You have seen it, you can create a message that is will automatically on Get response and this each time a Internet user will enter his email in one of your capture pages so it is a really efficient process that simplifies your life without you having everything the time to send emails to people the tool takes care of everything, you don’t nothing to do you just have to configure your message it is also simple as that.

What the next??

In our next article, we will explain how to create a page capture and how to link this page to Get response. Leave a comment…

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