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How to build your CRM with Project Management and Automation, Teamwork, Unlimited tables and workflows

How to build your CRM with Project Management and Automation, Teamwork, Unlimited tables and workflows CRM

This essay, which will take you only 10 minutes to read, will assist you in managing your business using is a fantastic platform to handle everything of your company straight now.


I’m not affiliated with, but I think this application is great since it’s so configurable. You can select how to organize your charts and build separate charts to handle different activities. is a grid system, a table, with its parts organized into groups and columns. Each table is used to manage and arrange a different aspect of life.

We can, for example, create a task table. It’s obvious that we all have to organize chores, thus this is a fantastic CRM!

You may create whatever form of chart layout you desire to manage your work. Let me give you a few examples of the many sorts of boards you may make: project management, sales, agile, sprints, orders, creative process, roadmap management, content, calendar, time management, and so on…

I’ve been working on SAAS projects for a while and have always been on the lookout for the finest project management solution, but have yet to discover one. I don’t want to come out as someone who begs you to test this tool, but I got the opportunity to test myself and wanted to share my thoughts on it. is a new website that will help you organize your week ! is a cloud-based Work OS platform that allows you to manage your work quickly and easily. The platform adapts to any team-based project thanks to its highly visual programming interface and flexible procedures., founded in 2014, has developed a complete platform with a wide variety of capabilities to fulfill an organization’s various demands. is also a platform for online cooperation. It is used by teams to keep track of and manage their work. The program is completely accessible both on a computer and on a mobile device via the application, allowing you to work from anywhere and at any time.

Why trust Review

Finally, a 14-day free trial is available so you may try before you buy.

Here’s a little video of the tool in action:


Handling and interface: features a user-friendly interface that is both current and appealing. The ability to customize the interface and switch between multiple perspectives is a significant asset. These let you to visualize the data in your table in a variety of ways. The platform offers to build up your first project with the duties allocated and the individuals engaged as soon as you register your account. After the initial setups are complete, we can view our dashboard, which is organized into multiple tables that we may alter. Each member of a team is given tasks that they must do with the help of progress reports and other pertinent information. Each team member can view all current tasks and their progress in this manner, making it simple to handover work from one person to another or to move rapidly to action if someone is unexpectedly absent.

The characteristics
The tables. has developed its own to-do list system. These “to-dos” are tasks with many status columns to help you keep track of the project’s progress. Owners, labels, end dates, and priority may all be added, as well as tags, values, and files.

Monday flexibility

If you need to keep track of how much time you spend on each activity, allows you to do so by adding a progress column. However, only the Pro and Enterprise subscriptions have access to this functionality. The ability to modify the perspective is one of’s strongest features. There’s always the standard table view, but depending on the plan you choose, there are also additional options. If you’re acquainted with Trello, for example, you’ll be familiar with Kanban. With the Gantt chart mode, the Timeline view is also quite handy. Finally, for project management, the Calendar or Workload views are beneficial.

Collaboration/ Partnership

You can see all of your project boards in a team calendar view on the site. You can see which jobs are due in the coming weeks or months. allows you to interact directly on a job using comments and a tagging system to enhance collaboration among your team. Each assignment has file storage and sharing options. This manner, all users working in the project will have access to the materials they require. You will receive email notifications about new files uploaded to each job as long as you are tagged in a project board.

Automating and integrating with other tools connects to the most popular services. If you use a CRM like Hubspot or Pipedrive, for example, makes it simple to track down leads your salespeople have called. Connect your board to Zendesk’s customer relationship management solution for customer assistance. Finally, integrations with Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox will make it more easier for users to collaborate.

crm integration

Good news you can integrate Monday with Hubspot.

Read More about Hubspot CRM here : Hubspot Review


Finally, with or without the tools indicated below, it is feasible to automate some activities in order to save time. To configure task situations, there are several templates available.

Assistance & Support: provides email assistance in a variety of languages. Users may also browse the tool’s various articles, webinars, tutorials, and community section. So if you want to develop your talents, there are a lot of materials available, and help is quick to respond if you get lost.’s price is as follows:’s cost is determined by the amount of users and features, as shown below. However, I recommend that you try it out first with a 14-day free trial:

Tarifs logiciels

So, depending on the size of your team, there are five distinct packages with varied prices:

  1. Individual 0 € for the rest of your life There can be up to two users. People who want to keep track of their work will find this useful. Unlimited visitors, unlimited dashboards, iOS and Android applications, 5GB file storage limit, one week activity log limit, one dashboard limit.
  2. Basic (8€/user/month): unlimited visitors, unlimited dashboards, iOS and Android apps, 5GB file storage limit, one week activity log limit, one dashboard limit.
  3. Standard (10€/user/month): All features of the basic plan plus a 50 GB file storage limit, an unlimited activity log, four guest accounts, timeline and calendar views, advanced search, custom forms, integration access, and a limit of three dashboards.
  4. All features of the Standard plan plus unlimited file storage, unlimited guest accounts, time tracking, chart view, formula columns, private tables, and 10 dashboards are included in the Pro plan (16€/user/month).
  5. All features of the Pro plan plus 25 dashboards, audit logs, user session control, enhanced account permissions, one-on-one training, and a dedicated customer success manager are included in the Enterprise (custom) plan.

Tutorial video


If this is your first time using, here is a quick guide to the platform’s core features:

In summary!

Monday testimonial is a cutting-edge and effective platform. It has a lot of functions and a great user interface. It’s a joy to use in everyday life since the program manages to keep basic while providing a wealth of project management options. I recommend giving it a try for 14 days for free. Please let me know what you think of this internet option in the comments section below.



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