Internet Marketing School All Posts,Autoreponder,CRM,Dropshipping,Hosting How To Get Free Storage On Internxt + Crypto $INXT | Internxt Review

How To Get Free Storage On Internxt + Crypto $INXT | Internxt Review

How To Get Free Storage On Internxt + Crypto $INXT | Internxt Review

Welcome to, I’m very happy that you are back on this weekly appointment today, I’m going to talk about internxt. Given the increasing need for decentralization of tasks on the internet, having files online has become paramount. You can get free storage on internxt plus crypto.

The internxt team is helping to create new, more secure, private and efficient internet services using the new technology of blockchain, a so-called decentralized technology. Their goal is to create internet services that offer users the privacy and security they deserve. In this article, we will reveal some secrets that few people know, but that will be very useful.

INTERNXT DRIVE The Safest Cloud Storage

Internxt is a decentralized zero disclosure cloud storage platform based on total privacy and uncompromised security as an alternative to filecoin, internxt offers cloud storage for files, applications and websites. Internxt is a European company, headquartered in Spain, that aims to create several decentralized Internet services. Internxt has created an international peer-to-peer cloud computing network that allows users around the world to collaborate to create a decentralized and more secure network. Internet users can sell their machine resources to those who want to host their data in a more private, secure and efficient way. Internxt drive is the first of many services that the international core will use.



The Internxt drive platform not only offers superior technology to traditional cloud services, but also aims to be competitive in terms of price and user experience. Being encrypted all files on the pdp network are protected against hacking and structured leaks. The very architecture of the system guarantees secure storage of all data. As all code is open source, it is available for peer review on github internxt tries to create an intuitive technology that is as user-friendly as the already existing high-end services, great attention is paid to ensure a smooth transition from traditional services to internxt.

Internxt core is at the heart of internxt’s products and services, bringing the decentralized era of the internet to life. The Internxt core is formulated by the hosts, this eliminates the need for a certain controller, as each house is as important as any other host house.

This ensures computer resources creating a global network of storage and computing servers by placing unused computing resources throughout the network. On the other hand, users don’t need to be at their computer, they can leave it running and the computer will earn a passive income.

Internat score is a simple downloadable, open-source application that allows anyone to act as a decentralized hub to store input, meet data financial rewards for hosting, encourage more people to sign up and grow the core network of the internet, the more hosts there are, the better the network will perform.

The system detects failed nodes and transparently corrects and repairs affected blocks automatically. This eliminates destructive storage in a central location and ensures that the network is always working optimally. Internxt drive allows users to store files in a truly secure, private and reliable cloud without compromising on user convenience.

Internxt Photos Your Secure Privacy

The company also offers Internxt photos, which is an alternative to google photos. Switching from google drive, amazon s3 or dropbox to the cloud file provides you with better, faster, cheaper and more reliable storage than traditional cloud storage platforms.

Internxt drive was designed to be simple, intuitive, yet powerful and customizable. The Internxt drive desktop interface consists of an easy to use folder, which automatically synchronizes files with internet score.

drive photoGET STARTED

Various files on several computers can be quickly synchronized, using qtc technology, plus with Internxt drive the user’s data is no longer stored in a central location, but is encrypted and divided and then distributed to different machines around the world, So only the user now has access to his digital data.

Personal information is also part of the distributed network, which means that the customer’s information is no longer stored in one central location, but is divided and distributed to thousands of locations. The fact that multiple machines are working simultaneously means that file searches are much faster.

The Internax token is an Ethereum-based c20 token, which functions as a service token. On the platform, the Internax token is used as a way to pay hosts that participate in the excorp program. There are 629,000 nxts in circulation, which is also the maximum iaxd inventory.

Advantages and disadvantages of Internxt


  1. Accessible and easy to use interface.
  2. Responsive customer support.
  3. Reasonably priced offer for individuals and professionals.
  4. Platform built in Blockchain, optimal security and confidentiality.


  1. Limited integration of third-party applications.

Internxt Plans and Prices

Internxt offers you 10GB of free space when you sign up, with no additional signup required. You can get your free lifetime access today at Internxt-For-Free. If you want more space, Internxt offers three paid individual plans and three paid professional plans.


drive for free

drive for business

As you can see, encryption is ideal for individuals, freelancers and businesses who want secure cloud storage for their sensitive or non-sensitive information. Internxt offers code-less encryption on an easy-to-use cloud storage platform, allowing you and your team to access files on your smartphone, iphone or android, your desktop, tablet or even your web browser. You will have access to your files in a very secure way via the storage application on any type of device as long as your device is connected to the Internet.


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