HOW TO GET MORE ORDERS ON Udemy | Best tips and tricks for beginners on Udemy

HOW TO GET MORE ORDERS ON Udemy | Best tips and tricks for beginners on Udemy

Hello everyone and welcome to a new article, today we will see together strategies to sell on the Udemy platform.

Udemy is a training marketplace, you can put your courses online and then Udemy references all your courses, if your courses are of good quality, Udemy will put them forward and therefore you will have customers for free all brought by Udemy!

You have to consider Udemy as your business machine, Udemy brings you very targeted customers on your courses, if your courses are recognized as a course that brings value to students you will achieve more and more sales.

My strategy is not to get more sales, of course it’s good to make sales, but if you want to grow your business, offer good quality courses for FREE.

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How much do I get for Udemy

In general, my training courses on platforms such as Udemy do not bring me fortunes but it is still correct because I do not do continuous training on these platforms, but my main strategy is to generate traffic and retrieve emails in an indirect way on these platforms and especially for free.

According to my experience on this type of platform you can expect an average of 70 to 100 Dollars per month if you are not an active trainer.

On the other hand, if you really dedicate yourself to this type of business it can bring you a lot of money!

Small calculation, look at this image:

Udemy best sellers

Do you see the number of people who have left a positive review without counting the people who have bought are leaving a review.

The calculation; the price displayed is an end of year promotion price that ends on 21 /12 but the real price is the one that is crossed out. So if we make a simple calculation ;

221 364 Notices * 99.99 = 22134186.36 $

I let you do the calculation of the other trainers…

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How to create your Udemy account

You can start your activity as a trainer on Udemy in a simple and quick way for that you just have to create a trainer profile and from there, you will, simply click on my courses at the top and you will, be able to create a new course, Voila it’s that simple you can create the courses you want!

On your trainer dashboard you have a small button, new course by clicking on new course you will be able to put your course online what you need to understand is that it’s extremely, simple, it will take you a few minutes, you load the videos of your courses on the sales page that you have created and the machine runs by itself.

I’m going to give you a few tips though, regarding your course listing;

You will target your participants, what will the participants learn,

Indicate the requirements or pre-requisites to be able to take this course,

Indicate the program of your courses and upload your videos,

The home page of the course is extremely important, there are several things to master:

1. Give importance to your course title, your prospects must find what they are looking for from the first reading

2. You have a significant advantage, you have a subtitle, a tip exploit this opportunity to the maximum because this part can make the difference compared to your competitors.

3. The course description, this part will give you an advantage in the referencing of your course, try to make a description rich in keywords related to your course

4. General information: this concerns the language level of your students, it’s up to you to see the level required.

5. The thumbnail of your course: the thumbnail is the image, it is the visual of your course, it is very very important, many people buy with their eyes! I even advise you to make a video to promote your course. The video has become a consumable product, so offer you prospect consumption …

6. Pricing, this is something that is important I advise you to put your prices between 70 and 90 Dollars. And leave the promotion option free to Udemy, in fact, you will make more sales during the promotions made by Udemy.

7. You can also create promotion codes for your training.

How to get more sales on Udemy

I’m going to share with you some of my best tips on how you can get more sales, more customers and more orders on Udemy and your E-learning platform listings in general.

My very first tip for you guys is that you need to create 7 or more courses and you need to maximize your training potential which means instead of offering only one or two great services you should offer at least 7 courses.

This step is crucial for you, especially if you are a new seller who just started on Udemy or if you have been on Udemy for a while but you are not getting enough orders, so if you want more orders and more sales on Udemy, you need to make sure that you get more eyeballs, more exposure and more impressions on your profile.

The math is simple, in order to increase your chances of getting more and more orders you need to create more courses that will actually result in more impressions more exposure and ultimately more sales.

The second aspect you need to identify is the Training you will be selling on the platform, obviously there are multiple categories of services you could potentially sell on the Udemy including website graphic design, video creation and editing, 3D animation, digital marketing, Amazon FBA, etc.

I’m not going to force you into any particular category like graphic design which is very popular or video editing, very popular or digital marketing very popular no. My recommendation is that instead of comparing categories, you need to compare sub-services of categories.

The next step is to optimize your trainings for search on Udemy, remember Udemy is a search engine like Google, like YouTube, like Amazon, Udemy also has its own search engine where buyers can search for the trainings that they are looking for and in the search results, there are a variety of trainings that appear in front.

You should know that most buyers will not bother to go beyond the 1st or 2nd page, that’s why it is very important that your courses and trainings that are ranked higher on Udemy in order to rank higher on the platform’s SEO.

The importance of SEO, you need to use targeted keywords that your potential buyers use the biggest mistake of new Freelancer uses fancy words to impress the buyers something you should definitely not do.

Another tip, you should use CTA or call to action in your communication especially in the description. There are so many new buyers who don’t really know how they should place an order or how everything works on the platform, that’s why a strong and powerful CTA can be very beneficial for you. You can insist your prospects to contact you for example; please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Remember that the goal of your CTA should be to convince the buyer to contact you on the inbox because if that person lands on your inbox, there is a 70% chance that they will place an order with you.

My other advice for you is that you need to stay online as much as you can and you need to respond faster to your students and potential students questions, this is a real relationship that you need to build if you really want to succeed on E-learning platforms and on Udemy.

If we can give any advice, it is to develop a long-term strategy for creating a real ecosystem through the creation of trainings, whether on an E-learning platform or on social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TiKtok, or a blog. Of course, you can do whatever you want; you can also share with your community, but my real advice is to develop something that will last.

That’s it for today; if you appreciated this post and learned something new about the Udemy platform, which is extremely lucrative if we take the trainer’s work seriously, please leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletters. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you again soon for another business opportunity. Ciao chicos.

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