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How to get Qualified Leads For You & Your Sales Team. Linkedselling


We’ll Hand Pick Qualified Leads For You & Your Sales Team.

How to optimize your linkedin profile?

It’s a question that comes up quite often!

I am asked the question, are you for or against automation on linkedin and what are the tools, what are the techniques I use to automate linkedin prospecting, if I am for or against automation on linkedin.

Help Your Audience, Friends, & Family Grow Their Businesses

In this article, I propose that we will ask ourselves the question: what is linkedin automation and what can be automated?

In a second time, I will give you again my personal opinion on whether it’s a good idea to automate your linkedin prospecting or not and in a third time I will give you just a few solutions and tools at the end of this article to automate some actions on your linkedin profile.

For those who don’t know me, I am an entrepreneur and I’m quite experienced in all aspects of digital prospecting on linkedin and I help entrepreneurs, sales and marketing teams to set up automated customer attraction and acquisition systems so that they don’t need to prospect anymore.

Having said that, the first question to ask yourself and that many of you are asking, is it a good idea to automate some prospecting actions on linkedin, is it done for my business?

When I see people who come to tell me, like an automatism: I want to do marketing automation, automate my prospecting on linkedin except that to be able to automate actions on any business, there is a first step is already to know what to automate, what are the messages that works for your business for your prospecting that you will be able to later and at some point put a sales process well created, well imagined, well thought.

Well thought out process = automation, prespecction, customers, sales = repeat the process.

On linkedin me I advise you to automate from the moment you know perfectly the sales scripts that works; that is to say the approach messages and the messages of reminder following a connection it is this message there that we will be able to automate.

It is absolutely useless to try to automate at all costs when you have not yet created your automation process.

Automation process = Growth + Scale

Help Your Audience, Friends, & Family Grow Their Businesses

There is one caveat that should not be overlooked and that must be taken into account is that from the moment you will automate you will lower the quality of your exchanges with prospects you will have less quality changes with your prospects because you have fewer real people who respond to your keys.

What I advise you already is to leave tasks, human actions for as long as possible until you have a reliable sales process and a very well functioning linkedin prospecting method.

Each sales process is unique to your prospect and target and once you have identified the top messages that work 80 to 90% of the time, and can afford to engage in a real conversation then you can automate it.

One thing you need to know is that what you will be able to automate is mainly prospecting. It’s the connection with your potential customers as well as the welcome message with an open question.

A tip will never sell automatically on linkedin, forget this idea what you will be able to do is create conversations but then you will have to be there! A human who answers that he exchanges and who gives the desire to someone to get in touch with you and therefore maybe one day become your customer by entering your sales tunnel of your sales process.

A tested process that doesn’t work is fully automated, automatic messages, fully automated with a link to a calendar or a link to a download or more confusing, asking the person to make an appointment by phone, it works very little and the conversion rates are very low.

7% of people who respond to this kind of message is to say no to automation!

I’m in a special configuration because I train professionals to linkedin and so I do a lot of tests to find out what works best and what messages I can duplicate for clients…

But how to do when you’re not a linkedin professional and you haven’t tested 5000 messages and 57 linkedin marketing tools?


The software I use is called Linkedselling.

L.E.A.D. Blueprint Workshop Registration

With all these new tools, social media, digital marketing and funnels these things that were supposed to bring us together have done a little more than make us feel more separate people are on their guard.

Building relationships and gaining people’s trust has become so much harder to do than before at the same time we know, as an entrepreneur, that business relies on handshakes, not short-term marketing gimmicks, then if you’re going to use these online tools, You need to find a way to leverage them to really connect with targeted prospects in your industry and niche and position yourself as an expert and trusted leader so that they are open to connect with you and open to talk to you and that’s exactly what we do with Linkedselling , Linkedselling takes care of your LinkedIn account and implements the entire process to generate 10 to 15 appointments per month for you every month like clockwork. Linkedselling is Linkedin experts.

Linkedselling experts do this work for clients around the world in all kinds of industries.

You can sign up for a free one-on-one conversation with the client strategy manager to put a customized plan in place to learn how they can help you achieve incredible results by using LinkedIn to generate a predictable flow of high quality appointments with targeted prospects every month, I appreciate that you are in this entrepreneurial community with success!
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Can you answer this question what is the most effective social media network to attract new well paid customers if you say that Facebook you’re wrong Twitter no way, snapchat you’re mocking me while they are all useful in some ways

LinkedIn at all levels is the most effective social channel for attracting new customers, here is the proof KISSmetrics found that 80% of b2b leads generated on social networks in the LinkedIn demand wave revealed that 92% of b2b marketers take advantage of LinkedIn all other social networks and ref Lacan found that LinkedIn messages were 11 times more likely to get a response than other methods, The numbers don’t lie if you don’t use LinkedIn for your business development efforts you miss a huge opportunity and leave money on the table.

Linkedselling has perfected a unique system to create a consistent pipeline of quality leads that turn into high-end customers using LinkedIn.

They work closely with you or your team to create a customized database of high-end customers using LinkedIn. Through Linkedselling you can develop a long-term value relationship with prospects of assured success.

Click below to speak with a lead generation manager and find out if LinkedIn lead generation and Linkedselling services are right for your business.

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