Internet Marketing School All Posts,Autoreponder,Hosting,Landing page,Productivity,Traffic,Video content creation How To Make Your Youtube Videos Awesome. Best 2 Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube. Exclusive Content & Unbeatable Price!

How To Make Your Youtube Videos Awesome. Best 2 Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube. Exclusive Content & Unbeatable Price!

How To Make Your Youtube Videos Awesome. Best 2 Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube. Exclusive Content & Unbeatable Price!

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Welcome to another article today, I will show you how to use Productioncrate assets and How To Make Your Youtube Videos Awesome.

Productioncrate has a huge online collection of vfx assets like explosions, textures, 3d models, music, sound effects and much more, all for a very affordable yearly fee. If you want to sign up, you can learn more here Productioncrate Demo and if you don’t want to spend money, they have a ton of free assets on their site too by clicking here Free Productioncrate Demo.


So you should definitely check out this platform, I highly recommend it if you’re making videos on youtube to get more views.

Here I am just on their homepage.


We have a few different tabs at the top that you can use to access different categories;

VFX & Motion Elements SFX & Music Graphics 3D & AR RenderCrate MODELS Urban Weapons Vehicles Money & Treasure Space Ancient Sports Domestic Food Characters Debris Gore Apocalypse Atmospheric Nature Anatomical & Medical MATERIALS Terrain Rock Fabric Metal Sand Rust Dirt Roads ENVIRONMENTS Skies Studio Aerial Landscape Space Ocean Forum

You can also scroll or just use the search bar and then search through the different categories. Using that, you can then scroll down to the different crater kits that they have and a bunch of other stuff on the home page.

But let’s say we want to download an explosion. So we could go into vfx media and elements and then scroll down to the explosions, the explosions are separated into different little groups – so let’s say I want to use gas explosion 10, I can click on it and it comes up with a nice preview, we have the explosion and it’s already got all the transparency.

So it’s going to be very easy to import and use later on. If you go to the download button, you’ll have 2 different options; Download as mov and the png codec or download in an mp4 codec.


ProductionCrate can offer a wide choice of high-quality graphic designs to its customers. It may provide users with a variety of VFX visuals on which they can work quickly. Users will also be able to utilize this application to confirm that they have made a smooth transition to their website.

Pricing for ProductionCrates

The pro plan from ProductionCrate is just $79 per year, excluding discounts. As a result, consumers just have to pay $6.58 every month. When compared to the prices of other rivals, this is a very low-cost bundle with a quality that I do not find comparable.

ProductionCrate Review

ProductionCrate can give customers with a wide range of background noises to work with. It may be used as a background sound for fight sequences, electronics, explosions, electricity, and weaponry. As a result, the user will be allowed to utilize this sound effect without fear of infringement. As a result, users will find it more easier to play and improve their website’s appearance. The sound design is traditional and powerful. People who want to make their own movie and use the sound effects in the backdrop of this program will find it useful.

They are not required to carry out any curation. The app also includes suspenseful music. The suspenseful soundtrack will go well with the dramatic moments. Users will be able to guarantee that they have a better product as a result.

Visual effects

One of the most important aspects of a website is its visual effects. Users must guarantee that their website has high-quality graphic effects. As a consequence, ProductionCrate will assist users in bringing in more traffic. It includes visual effects like explosions, fire sparks, science fiction, and others. A lot of sci-fi visual effects are used on the tech site. So go ahead and be joyful!

Monograms are also available through ProductionCrate’s graphic design system. It can also help websites that deal with sports and nutrition. It also includes many visuals for movies and videos. As a result, users do not have to exert much effort in order to generate visually appealing video graphics. A site’s transition and backdrop are crucial since they must be relevant. Because it already contains ready-made templates for users, this program will assist users in creating appealing transitions and backdrops in this instance.

InVideo & ProductionCrate

Without any technical experience, the InVideo program allows you to rapidly and effortlessly make video montages. You may choose from hundreds of video templates, including logo introductions, brand promotion, product presentations, webinar promotion, customer testimonials, event invitations, and more.

Invideo is the greatest online video editor in 2021 since it comes with over 4,000 ready-to-use, customisable templates that you don’t have to pay for. You don’t have to pay for anything because it comes with over 8 million stock photos, movies, and music.

The program provides templates for several social media platforms, but if you combine ProductionCrate with InVideo, your films will stand out on YouTube. Integrate both technologies in your future projects if you desire high-quality films!

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