Internet Marketing School All Posts,Autoreponder,Dropshipping,Productivity How To Write A Script For YouTube Fast Content Creation A.I. – Rytr Review & Tutorial – Writing Tool

How To Write A Script For YouTube Fast Content Creation A.I. – Rytr Review & Tutorial – Writing Tool

How To Write A Script For YouTube Fast Content Creation A.I. - Rytr Review & Tutorial - Writing Tool

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You may be wondering what artificial intelligence is and how it can help you in the process of writing your blog or scripting your Youtube channel. For your dropshipping store, for the after sales service or even writing emails like a professional.

Well I’m glad you asked that question because in this article I’m going to describe everything you need to know about AI based content writers and how they can make your life easier.

Don’t worry about the blank page syndrome anymore. Used the mobile device compatible writing assistant is powered by AI to create quality content for everyone in just seconds!

Use Rytr to automatically generate content for many use cases such as blogs, emails, ads, and scripts, it’s fast and works on both mobile and PC plus you have access to a chrome extension.

On the Rytr home page click on start writing if your page is in English register with your email address or via your google account fast and efficient in the left section you have the list of languages at the bottom of the left section you have the list of use cases and in the right section you have the list of tones.

Today’s software is another tool based on artificial intelligence. What highlights their project is that they generate the absolute best content in the AI tool industry. If you are wondering if this is true or not, I reassure you we will find out during the test phase I have done for you.

As you can see, the tool I’m testing today is called Rytr. It’s a tool with a very simple design and their communication around their software is to the point that they don’t have a ton of integrations and a huge corporate structure around!

Rytr has over 6,000 users and 28 different use cases for their tools, I site all the use cases available to date:

  1. Generate ideas and content structure for articles

  2. Write articles based on section topics & headlines

  3. Write a short pitch based on your product or business idea

  4. Generate marketing copies in AIDA format

  5. Generate marketing copies in PAS format

  6. Turn a few key points into a ready to send email

  7. Generate Ad copies for your product or brand

  8. Generate Google ad copies for your product

  9. Generate interview questions for job roles, podcasts, & shows

  10. Write a job description based on the role

  11. Write sections of website based on its features

  12. Send custom text generation requests to AI

  13. Generate ideas & intro text for your social media posts

  14. Write brief description for your product or feature

  15. Write a few bullet points for your product

  16. Write introduction & about me bios for your profile

  17. Generate questions & answers based on a brief topic description

  18. Write responses for messages, reviews, emails & more

  19. Generate SEO-friendly meta description for the page

  20. Generate SEO-friendly meta title for the page

  21. Write engaging micro-copies for SMS or app notifications

  22. Generate short lyrics based on a song idea

  23. Generate creative plot outline based on story ideas

  24. Write short tagline for your product or brand

  25. Generate review for people, product, or service

  26. Write short description for your YouTube channel

  27. Write short description for your YouTube video

  28. Generate video ideas based on keywords & topics

So without further ado, let’s dive into Rytr and test their tools. When we take a look at Rytr , this is the view you see,

affiliates rytr

As you can see it’s a very simple interface. We don’t have a menu with many menu items. This is what you get. This is the global generation tool where we can choose the language that we want, in which the content output is, and they currently have 32 languages, and they’re continually adding more.

One thing to note that really sets Rytr apart from the competition is the tone. Try to see how many different tones they have. 22 Tones to be exact! That’s great to see because it’s something I’ve never seen before and I’ve tested it and there are differences in how the content is generated. So this tool really works and it’s not a scam.

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The second interesting point is the use cases. It’s basically the tools that they have. Rytr are adding them all the time and reworking them. But right now, they have about 28 tools.

As you can see. If we go to the account, we know how our credits are being used.

Then we have our profile, then the rewards :

If you want more credits, if you’re on the free plan, for example, then you can get, for example, 1,000 credits just for sharing on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter. That’s 3,000 credits for generating even more content. Plus, if you add reviews, you’ll get more credits and more. It’s so awesome. Of course, they have their affiliate program where you can earn a commission and then a FAQ. Overall, I have to say that the customer service communication is great! This is something they really excel at.

To make this article more explicit, I illustrate my words with an example for this, I chose the shopify keyword template for low budget online stores to write an article about it. I can choose if I want multiple variations or if I just want one variation. For this article, I only chose one variant. And, you can see what we get is perfectly impressive because I only filled in one keyword, and we basically get an overview as follows;

How to Sell Online with Shopify: The Complete Guide for Beginners and Experts

Introduction: What is Shopify and Why Should I Use It to Sell My Products?

keywords: shopify, ecommerce software, storefront builder

The 5 Most Important Parts of Your Business You Need to Start With on Shopify

keywords: shopify setup, shopify tutorial, shopify basics

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Own Website on Shopify in Minutes

keywords: step by step guide to create a website, how to make a website

Top 9 Resources for Learning How To Sell On Shopify

keywords: digital storefront builder, blog generator, storyteller app

Conclusion: The Best Solution For Selling Your Products Online in 2021

Certainly a great start. I think it’s great to get started. We have our titles and keywords that our article needs. But what’s also even cooler is that Rytr after giving us ideas for our article, it allows us in a second step to generate a whole article, long content through the :

Blog Section Writing

Write articles based on section topics & headlines

Basically, I just have to enter a line from the first search, to get my article! You should see that, you just have to give it a topic and it will generate more content for you.

However, I must point out that on some topics it may generate content not very sharp, it remains a technology with its limits but the content in most cases remains correct.

Let’s try some of the other tools offered by Rytr. For example, let’s try the video description for a YouTube video and see if it can generate content for a specific product.

So now I’ve entered some text based on GetResponse as a video idea. I chose three variations in this case and got the following result:

GetResponse Tutorial

GetResponse email marketing basics for beginners

Getresponse Review – Online Marketing Simplified


One thing to note here is that we need to be precise in order to generate the best possible content. Let’s try to test their video description for our GetResponse keyword. The best tool if you want to automate your email marketing. The content generated with this tool is actually great, it is as follows:

GetResponse is the most powerful tool in the world for email marketing–and it’s totally free. More than 8 million professionals use GetResponse to reach their audience and grow their business. From generating leads to nurturing customers, GetResponse does it all.

It’s perfect!

As you can understand Rytr is a new technology, the generated content is sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But it gets the job done.

As far as Rytr’ s pricing structure, it is very simple, which also aligns it with their overall communication. They have two plans. They have their free plan where you get 5,000 characters that you can generate each month, which is very generous, and then they have their premium plan where you can generate as much content as you want. You have an unlimited number of characters.


With Rytr you get five thousand word characters each month in a free lifetime version and for unlimited use you get the premium version at $29/month.

📝 Generate UNLIMITED* characters

📜 Access 30+ use cases 🇺🇸 Write in 30+ languages

🔊 Access 20+ tones ‍

👩‍ Dedicated account manager

💬 Priority email & chat support ⭐️ Access to premium community

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Plus, they offer you rewards. So let’s say you’re on the free plan and you want more credits and more tools to generate more content. Well, then you can share on Twitter or you can do a review on Capterra or whatever, which will give you rewards in return for generating even more content.

Rytr is definitely a very simple application where you get the tools you need and you generate the content, as you saw in this article.

So if you’re looking for a tool where you can integrate simplicity and efficiency, if you’re completely new to AI and you’re just looking for a tool that does the job, you can start generating content now. I would definitely recommend Rytr. A very easy to use AI tool. That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did, feel free to leave a comment. If you are new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe.

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