Internet Marketing School All Posts,Seo Increase traffic to your web site by analyzing the marketing strategies of your competitors & Increase website conversions

Increase traffic to your web site by analyzing the marketing strategies of your competitors & Increase website conversions

Increase traffic to your web site by analyzing the marketing strategies of your competitors & Increase website conversions.

Of course, not all traffic is the same,

Experienced digital marketers know that a few targeted visitors are worth more than dozens or hundreds of visits from a more general audience. Visitors must match the company’s buyer profile, which must be kept in mind when looking to acquire new traffic.

So, in hindsight, companies need to make sure their buyer profile is defined before thinking about increasing or generating traffic. Once this step is taken, it is the market benchmarks and the information provided by competitors’ traffic acquisition strategies that will help them win the traffic race.

How to identify market traffic trends

The very first step in developing a traffic growth strategy is to examine traffic trends in the market – this will help define the scope of potential growth targets. If the overall niche you are in is declining, betting on a 400% increase in traffic is likely to prove to be a misjudgment.

A simple search on Google Trends can give you an overview of what is happening in your niche.

Increase traffic to your web site


How to break down your competitors’ marketing strategies

As a player in the sector in which you work, you probably have an idea of your main competitors. If not, a simple Google search will give you a rough idea of the best performing companies in your niche.


How to unveil your rivals’ traffic acquisition strategies

Of course, you don’t have access to your competitors’ internal traffic data, you have to use tools like solarwinds or manageengine to get the type of data you would collect from your Google Analytics.

By using This tools, you can see how your rivals prioritize their traffic acquisition – whether it’s direct, referrer, search, social, or paid traffic.

Traffic analyser

Increase the number of visitors to the site via direct traffic

When they find that their competitors obtain a significant share of direct traffic, major brands may assume that their rivals invest heavily in brand awareness, brand image and customer loyalty, particularly through corporate communications.

Brands such as Ebay, Nike and Amazon are called “blue chips” (“blue chips”, the most valuable chips in poker) because they have long enjoyed excellent brand recognition.

traffic strategie


A direct URL entry of a site in a web browser or the use of the favorites icon means :

They heard about it by word of mouth;
They have been encouraged by online/offline campaigns; or
Whether they come back after a visit or a previous purchase.

Tips and Tricks :

To boost your direct traffic, you must employ tactics that promote the above mentioned actions:

Simplify URLs: Of course, choosing a brand name that is easy to remember is useful to encourage people to type your URL in a web browser, but it is also important to keep the URL simple and short.

Invest in brand awareness: People will visit your site directly from a browser only if they already know your brand. Online and offline marketing tactics – from billboards and business cards to YouTube ads – can help boost brand awareness and bring more direct traffic.

Encourage visitors to come back: From site UX to online only loyalty programs, your marketing strategy should make people want to come back, and even bookmark your site.

– Give a good signal to google by visitors on your site who come from a referrer traffic

– Drive traffic to your site from social networks


Additional tips to increase traffic to your site

Check if your competitors “steal” your traffic from you
Even after launching an optimal traffic acquisition strategy across all channels, you may still lose traffic or struggle to achieve growth. One possible reason is that your competitors have deployed a strategy to “steal” your traffic:

Your rivals may be launching online ad campaigns for the keywords you are trying to rank organically. A simple Google search will reveal if this is the case. By searching Google for your own brand, you will signal to your competitor that you are their target audience, but you may need to do a few searches before the competitor’s ad appears.

They may also bid on your brand’s keywords. In this case, when users enter your brand in the search bar and press Enter, your competitor’s site may be the first thing they see on the SERP.

Even if becoming the “TOP” of your niche is too big a task to undertake, you need to review each source of traffic and optimize your strategies to stay in the game. Leave us your comments …

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