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Landing Page Builder Review – Best Landing Page Builder – INSTAPAGE Review

Landing Page Builder Review - Best Landing Page Builder - INSTAPAGE Review

Best Landing Page Builder – INSTAPAGE

In this article, I will explain, step by step, how to create and optimize your landing page using Instapage.

Instapage is more aimed at online marketers who also do a lot of paid advertising, because you can optimize your conversions by testing different elements of your landing page separately or even create personalized landing pages for each ad you run for each site so that people who click on your ads have the maximum relevance to what they are looking for, which will increase your conversion rates and also reduce your cost per click, because google gives you a quality score.

Indeed, people will actually find what they are looking for. What I will explain in this article is how to create your own landing page with instapage.

If you don’t have an account with instapage yet, you can get it for free for a 14 day trial, so create your account now and follow me step by step as we will start creating our homepage.

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Go to menu and we click on the landing pages, then you might see some kind of button in the middle, I see it right at the top, so just click create page, then we go ahead and click start landing page, you can either start from scratch (blank page), you can choose the blank template or you can just go through the different templates, I think a lot of them look pretty professional, so I suggest you go through them and sort them according to what your landing page will be.


So I’m going to go into the asset download and then I filter out all the landing pages that are specific to someone who wants to give something away for free in exchange for a lead. In exchange for an email address most of the time, so there’s a longer landing page where you have a lot of information, but to keep this short, I’m going to choose a very simple page.

It’s just a title, an image and then the form on the right side, so I’m going to click “select” and we’ll adjust everything from there. I’m going to call it “InstaBot” because that’s what I’m going to give, I’m going to give an optimization of InstaBot’s SEO so I’m going to click create and then I have this new landing page, in my list of landing pages, so I’m going to click on it, then I’m going to go to the top right and click modify design to go ahead and design our landing page.

If you want to build your homepage from scratch, you can go to the left side and click on instablocks; a little more icon, and you’ll see a lot of templates for a specific block, a “faq” section, or, say, prices for all these things that you can just insert, so let’s say I want to insert a price :
I click on the insert block and insert it at the bottom of this first block, I just click on the insert block and it automatically adds it. I can adjust each item, but again I’m just going to keep it simple so I’m going to delete this block by going to the top left three points click on delete block.

Let’s create something very quick so I’m going to delete this call to action, I’m going to drag it up a little bit, highlight everything at the bottom, drag it up, it clicks very easily, so if you want to put something in the middle, let’s say I’m going to insert an image, I’m going to click on the image on the left side, choose that image, if you don’t have anything, you can download it from your computer and you’ll see it by clicking on “Insert” and you’ll have it on your canvas.

You can see some lines, it fits in the middle, it’s very easy, to put everything in place, so I actually want to replace that, so I’m going to click on this “trash can” click, it deletes it, then I’m going to fit it in, enlarge it a little bit and change the title, then change the subtitle.

I’m also going to change the font size, so I’m going to click on the “edit” button, then I’m going to go to the font size and I’m going to choose, say 26.

I can also change the font, so when you go to the settings on the right, you can click on the fonts and let’s say that the titles should be in arial black, you can also change the paragraph …

I’m making a call to action type; please enter your email address below to get instant access to InstaBot.

For the form, I will click on the chosen format and double-click on it, then go to the submission page. Here you can decide if you want to send people to a specific landing page when they enter their contact information or you can simply ask them to stay on that page and send them a thank you message.

Instapage Experiments

If you want to have a specific home page for prospects, once they enter the details, you simply click “Insert” and then you choose the home page you created specifically for where your prospects should go, you can also send them to another web page.

Let’s say I’m satisfied with the way it looks now. So I suggest you optimize your home page for mobiles, especially if you have a lot of mobile traffic, so you just click on mobile in the top left corner, and as you can see, everything is a little bit spaced out.

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Just make sure that you optimize your page for cell phones and make it more enjoyable. When you’re done, click on save. We’ll go back by clicking on the output builder at the top left and we’re now back in our dashboard.

The favicon is also something that you have to adjust, it’s the home page logo, you see it on the bot at the top and I want to change it to an FX logo that somehow fits this home page, then click on save.

The next step is to integrate your email marketing software with the homepage because when someone goes to our homepage and gives us their information, we want that information to go to our email marketing software like Convertkit, GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber, Sendiio for example so that we can keep sending emails.

Let’s say I’m using GetResponse, so I’ll just go to GetResponse, click on it and then they’ll give you instructions on how to integrate it into the home page. You can also just copy your api key from your email marketing department.

Now I need to assign this landing page to my GetResponse account so I’m going to go back to the landing pages and choose our InstaBot and then I’m going to go to the integrations on the bottom click on the form integrations and then choose GetResponse, click on continue and choose your email list.

You can also give these new contacts, these new leads a tag, let’s say an interest like Social Media Software so I know that these new leads are interested in Social Media Software so I can continue to send them information about Social Media Software.

We’ve integrated our landing page into our email marketing software now, the next step you need to do is to assign your landing page to your own domain or sub-domain. To do this, we need to configure our sub-domain with Instapage.

We go to the settings at the bottom left, go to domains and I already have a subdomain registered with instapage I’ll quickly explain how to do this!
I’m going to click on connect the domain. My domain is on SiteGround so I’m just going to choose SiteGround and click on continue and type in my domain so that it’s BADABOM.COM, click on continue and then you can decide on the name of your sub-domain, let’s say it’s just GET.BADABOM.COM, just type in GET, click on continue and you’ll get instructions on how to set up your sub-domain with your SiteGround or Bluehost or Godaddy provider. Just follow the instructions you see.

Just click save and then you will see your new subdomain in your account instapage you just click continue and there you will see your subdomains and you should be able to log in right away, but it will take a little time for the SSL, so a few hours for your SSL to be configured for your campaign, your SSL is just a padlock icon in the top left corner which indicates that it is a secure um connection.

Now that we have set up our sub-domain, we are going to go back to the home page, we are going to click on our home page and then we are going to go down where it says “publish experience” and then we are going to go to the personalized domain and we are going to choose the domain that we have set up, for me it is the one that is already active.

I’m going to click on “Publish” at the bottom right to confirm and that way the home page is published and you can see it by clicking on the link, which will open in a new favicon tab at the top right that we have set up. Everything works perfectly this lock icon is probably something that will take a little time until you see this for your landing page because the SSL configuration takes a few hours.

How can you optimize your landing page once you have a lot of traffic?

What you can do, you can split has different elements of your landing page, so you can go to the experiences on the left side, create a new experience and then say I want to do a title split test so I want to see if this title works better than another title. And that way you’ll have tests that will allow you to optimize your results.

So you can create specific landing pages for specific ads. Let’s say you’re running ads on Google for Dentists. We suggest you use the same landing page for example; New York it would obviously be better to have the title for example; how to find a dentist in New York so you just change the title for each specific ad and that will increase your quality score with google.


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