Internet Marketing School All Posts,Landing page,Productivity,Social Media,Traffic,Video content creation Lately Social, your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter tool to make your life easier!

Lately Social, your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter tool to make your life easier!

Lately Social, your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter tool to make your life easier!

What if I have nothing to share on social media?

It’s no secret that building an online business is a serious business and takes time, so does your social media and especially your Instagram accounts. The tool that we are going to present to you today is Lately Social.

Very important thing to consider is that the algorithms of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube … are strongly oriented towards original content. So if you want to boost this algorithm you know what you have to do!

A second piece of advice is not to buy subscribers, stay with 5000 responsive and engaging subscribers in your community is much better than 100000 fake accounts, that doesn’t bring you value.

What if I have nothing to share on social media?

You’re running out of content ideas for your social networks, don’t worry, this is a common problem. If you don’t know what to post today or tomorrow, stay tuned to the following for the best advice on how to overcome that mental block and get creative with content that is feasible and engaging for your readers.

Among the inquiries I get is: I used to update news on my company’s social media pages virtually every day, but now and then I’m absolutely stumped for ideas. Is it preferable to skip a day or to post anything merely to stay on track?

We understand how difficult it may be to come up with new and compelling material on a daily basis for social media. Even if you have a great social media plan in place, you may run out of ideas from time to time and be tempted to break your own schedule.

Whether you’re just getting started with social media or a seasoned veteran, running out of content ideas is a typical issue. Here are some strategies I offer for breaking over this mental barrier.

1. The key to success is consistency

First and foremost, I recommend that you stick to a regular posting schedule. Your brand will stay top of mind with your audience if you create material on a regular basis. They’ll come to expect postings from you over time, which can lead to more interaction. Not to mention, writing on a regular basis will assist you maintain your content creation habit.

However, everyone’s definition of a steady timetable is different. Some companies publish three times each week, while others publish three times every day. What works best for you is determined by a variety of factors, including the size of your audience and the interests of your followers.

Each site has its own set of suggestions for the ideal days and times to publish, although they are often pretty generic. Rather, consider what works best for your target demographic.

This is how you do it: Select a platform, and then post five times each week for a month. Then increase to nine times a week the following month, and then to 17 times the following month.

These three months of data will enable you to gather information using your Instagram pro account’s analytics dashboard, for example, to understand when, what, and how frequently you post to maximize your reach and engagement.

Continue to track your statistics month after month to determine which days, hours, and publishing schedules are most effective for your company. One final point to remember is that companies must strike a balance between being constantly informed and boring. Consider lowering your posting timings if you see a decline in your numbers after raising them.

2. Be open-minded

Now that you know you have to publish a certain number of posts each week, the question arises, how do you find new and interesting content?

Some weeks, it will be simple: You have announced an important event, released a book or written a new blog post. Other weeks, no inspiration! And yes that happens too, but instead of getting stuck and not sharing anything, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • Recycle old posts into interactive content.

  • Combine existing posts.

  • Go searching for information in a book in your niche.

  • Create a short graphic that takes existing data.

  • Write about the same topics that have already been covered but have had a lot of interaction with your audience.

  • Create a short video.

  • Take inspiration from your competitors’ publications.

  • Go in search of information in the days of celebration…

Learn about the latest social media tools.

Looking for a powerful tool to manage your social media posts? Discover Lately Social!

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Today I’m going to introduce you to a little new tool called Lately Social

Lately Social is your brand new personal assistant for scheduling your social media shares, and it’s FREE. Lately Social is a little gem that will be especially useful if you are very active on social networks.

You post on Facebook 3 times a day, you tweet all day long. Your stories on instagram are successful, only here, as all this is too complicated to plan, you usually send them all at the same time!

Your tweets go out in batches, your Facebook publications are not well dispersed in time. Not ideal to optimize your visibility throughout the day and a bit annoying for people who will see a wave of publications appear, no time to understand everything …

Like any self-respecting entrepreneur, you like to get things done but well done, and in the same way, you want to publish regularly without being obliged to share your posts on a regular basis.

What is Lately Social?

Lately Social is a third-party website that lets you publish to all of your social media accounts from one place. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter are among the social media networks that are supported. This article is solely about utilizing Lately Social to schedule Instagram posts.

Why use Lately Social?

Lately Social, as previously mentioned, allows you to schedule Instagram posts in advance. As a result, you may plan your Instagram content with captions and tags on one day, and your material will be updated throughout the week without you having to log in each day. You don’t have to worry if you have a busy schedule and can’t get to a computer on one of your regular posting days since Lately Social will do it for you.

If you use Instagram frequently, you know how difficult it can be to post from your computer. This is especially true if you create your material on your PC and then have to upload it or discover a workaround on your phone. Instagram makes it tough to utilize their site on a computer in order to encourage users to use their phones.


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Pricing and Features



Unlimited Team Members

  • Website Drag & Drop Builder

  • Facebook Posting & Scheduling

  • Google business Posting & Scheduling

  • Instagram Posting & Scheduling

  • LinkedIn Posting & Scheduling

  • Pinterest Posting & Scheduling

  • Twitter Posting & Scheduling

  • Youtube Posting & Scheduling

  • 24/7 support

  • Spintax support

  • Add Custom Watermark

  • Video & Image Editor

  • Cloud import: Google drive, Dropbox

  • File type support: Photo, Video

  • Storage

  • Max. file size: 1000 MB




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