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Lead Generation | How To Scrape Emails In Minutes On LinkedIn | PhantomBuster Review

Lead Generation | How To Scrape Emails In Minutes On LinkedIn | PhantomBuster Review

How to scrap on LinkedIn?

In the last few years, LinkedIn scraping has become very popular, especially with the arrival of tools that make possible a practice that was previously reserved for developers. In this article, I explain how to scrap LinkedIn, without being a code genius! 😜

Scraping, what is it?

The Scraping is a computer technique to systematically retrieve information or data from a web page, in order to reuse them in another context.

Why scraping and what is the purpose of web-scraping?

Collect data quickly and automatically Imagine that you want to determine the average price of IP phones sold on the Amazon website. You need to collect the price of each reference on sale. Of course, you can try to copy them by hand into an Excel file, or copy and paste them if you want to save some time. But are you ready to go through the hundreds of pages of the Amazon website? No, I don’t think so!

Scraping allows you to retrieve valuable information from the internet, for example to build a prospecting file, or to learn about your competitors. For example, you can take advantage of a qualified user base of more than 500 million members on LinkedIn by collecting information from the public profiles of the members. Good news this practice is perfectly legal! 💥

How to set up LinkedIn scraping?

You are not a developer and still want to scrap emails on LinkedIn? No problem, I’ll show you how to scrap leads on LinkedIn using PhantomBuster, in a few steps.

Who is PhantomBuster for?

PhantomBuster is designed with lead generation in mind. Anyone working in sales and marketing can be big fans, as it simplifies their processes and takes over boring manual tasks. For example, they can use Phantoms and Flows to…

  • Collect information from LinkedIn profiles
  • Export members of Facebook groups
  • Auto connect with a list of LinkedIn profiles
  • Gather emails from a Sales Navigator search
  • Send personalized DMs on Twitter
  • Collect contact data from a Google Maps search
  • Extract the followers of an Instagram account …

And so much more (check out the Phantom Store to explore and compare the full list)!

Who is PhantomBuster for?


What you’ll need:

▸ PhantomBuster extension,

▸ A PhantomBuster account,

▸ A LinkedIn or Sales Navigator account,

Start by signing up for a free PhantomBuster account here. Let’s say you want to scrape emails from your LinkedIn connections, it’s very simple:

Go to LinkedIn, in a few simple steps you can find a business email address for any profile you’re interested in using the LinkedIn profile scraper or the Sales Navigator ghost profile scraper, but first start by installing the PhantomBuster extension.

How to easily get a professional email address from LinkedIn with Phantombuster

1- PhantomBuster extension

If you’ve just started using Phantom Buster and have begun setting up your first ghost, you may have encountered that first session cookie in the input box and don’t know what to do with it. Your session cookies are what Phantom uses to authenticate itself as you use your name to automate whatever social network you use so, for example, in this case LinkedIn. This means that you will have had to be logged into LinkedIn on your browser so that some session cookies are stored there and you can retrieve them, and this can be done super easily using the phantomBuster extension for Chrome or Firefox. It’s simple and very easy! Just like any extension you already have installed on your browser.

If you click on the extension, it will take you to the phantomBuster homepage, which is not what you need right now. Instead, go back to your front-end configuration, refresh the page and you’ll see that this button has turned into a LinkedIn cookie retrieval button: once you click on it, your cookies will automatically fill the box.

One important thing to mention is that your cookies should expire about every three months, but if you manually log out of LinkedIn, they will expire. So, you need to stay logged in, especially if you’ve set your ghost to work automatically.

2- LinkedIn Profile Scraper

Example. We’re going to use the linkedin profile scraper phantom to go take a list of linkedin profiles and scrape their data, including emails and drop them into a spreadsheet. Now you should have already installed the chrome linkedin phantombuster extension as explained in the previous section, click connect to linkedin and make sure you are logged into your linkedin account, then click save. Now you have two options for your linkedin profile url spreadsheet. You can either choose to use a google docs spreadsheet with all your linkedin profiles that you want to scrap, or you can use your previously used ghosts.

For my part, I’m going to choose to use a google spreadsheet now I simply have created a google spreadsheet with the linkedin profiles I want to scrap, but I’m going to need to make sure I have the right permissions so I’m going to go ahead and share the change to anyone with the link Copy link and click head on back to your phantom click on url and then paste the spreadsheet url into the box and save.

I’m going to choose 10 profiles per launch because that’s the recommended number of linkedin profiles, then I click save, now we’re at the email discovery stage. This part is optional, but it’s best if you’re looking to find the professional emails of the profiles you’re about to scrape. You can use the PhantomBuster email discovery service included in your plan. Then, click save now for linkedin profile lists.

Below 10 profiles, you’ll want to run this manually, but you can also choose to run it in batches, up to eight times per day, depending on the length of your linkedin profile list. So for this run, I’m going to choose manually and click save. This will take you to the ghost launch page if you’ve set it up correctly!

All I have to do now is click launch, depending on the length of your linkedin profile url list, it may take a while now that the phantom is done, we want to go to the result.csv file and download it, click the down arrow button and choose where you want to save it. Go back to your Google spreadsheet and create a second sheet to import your result, go to import file, upload and drag your result.csv file into the upload section. You’ll want to make sure to click replace current sheet and click import data.

Now that we’ve successfully scraped a list of linkedin profiles and extracted all the information about those profiles, including email addresses and verified addresses, make sure you adhere to the rate limits listed on the ghost overview page. We recommend that you do not scrape more than 80 profiles per day.

3- Sales Navigator Profile Scraper

The first thing to do is to go to Phantombuster and scroll through the ghosts and choose the sales navigator. Then click on Sales Navigator Profile Scraper to choose that ghost.

You should already have the phantombuster chrome extension installed on your browser. So all you need to do now is click connect to linkedin and then click save, that’s where you’re going to add your url sales navigator profile or you can do a series of profiles in a spreadsheet as long as that spreadsheet is publicly accessible, you can use a google sheet or a csv file and you need to make sure that the csv and google sheets are publicly accessible.

For now we are just going to use one url. You can go to any profile and scrape it with on Sales Navigator Profile Scraper. I’m going to go to the url, click on it and copy, then go back to my phantom and with the url selected in the entry section, I’m going to right click and click paste, then click save.

You can choose how many profiles to Scrape per launch, since we’re only doing one profile, we’ll leave everything as is, but if you do a series of profiles or connect it with another phantom, you’ll be able to process a maximum of 150 profiles per day, so for now leave everything as is and click save.

Next, you choose your email discovery service, I’m going to choose PhantomBuster included in the plan and click Save. For this time, since I’m only extracting one profile, I’m going to do it manually. But if you have a spreadsheet and a series of profiles that you want to Scrape, you can choose to run multiple times up to 150 profiles per day and 10 profiles per run. So you can run it 15 times a day. For now, leave it in manual mode and be notified if there are any errors, then click Save, my Sales Navigator Phantom profile scraper is ready to run.

All I need to do now is click run, depending on how many profiles I need to Scrape, this may take a while. I can check the result.csv file by clicking result.csv and I will see a preview of all the data I just extracted from that profile.

You can see the first name, last name, industry, location connections, a number of shared connections, just a bunch of extra data that you wouldn’t get from a normal LinkedIn profile. Now all I have to do is click download to csv!

Now it’s your turn, all you need to do to start your LinkedIn scraping is to go to phantombuster, create your account and start using this phantom to export all the data from a sales browser profile.

Since LinkedIn is the most up-to-date database, it is often the starting point for finding companies that might be interested in your product or service. We’ve tried to provide a non-exhaustive list of the top tools that can take your use of Sales Navigator to a whole new level.

Phantombuster is a leading tool for LinkedIn scraping. It’s probably the leading tool on the market.


That’s it for this blog. We hope we have provided the answers you need about phantombuster!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you, ciao👋


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