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Moosend Automatisation For All Businesses – Moosend Review – Free Autoresponder

Moosend Automatisation For All Businesses – Moosend Review – Free Autoresponder

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Welcome to the family! Today we’re gonna talk about what is Moosend. Be ready to change your autoresponder …

Moosend is an easy to use powerful and exceptional email marketing automation software designed to facilitate the creation management and monitoring of email marketing campaigns thousands of agencies and businesses claim this software because it enables them to send the right email content to the right people at the right time automates their workflows and elevates their ROI.

You need to understand what automation is before choosing your autoresponder. I will develop this article around this notion to help you make your choice.

Moosend emailing systeme

With Moosend’s automation feature, you can create targeted emails that are triggered by a specific date, event, or activity of the contact. Our automation editor brings together powerful, easy-to-use segmentation, planning and design tools, allowing you to automatically send email campaigns to inform, reward and engage your contacts.

Depending on your package, you may not have access to the automatic email series. To find out what features are included in each package, visit Moosend Pricing Page. Simple automatic emails are offered in each package.

In this article you will learn more about automation and how you can use it in your e-mail marketing plan.

Moosend free plan,

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When we talk about automation, we use slightly different terminology than when we talk about other tools and tasks in Moosend.

  • Automation

An e-mail or a series of e-mails sent to a contact based on a specific trigger.

  • Campaign

Any broadcast content that is created and measured in Moosend, including automation.

  • Workflow

Automatic e-mail settings, scheduling and content.

  • Delay

The period of time between a triggering event and a sending.

  • Queue

A batch of contacts who have met the criteria for automation and are waiting to receive the next e-mail in a series.

  • Trigger

The event that starts an e-mail or a series of automatic e-mails. For example, someone signs up to receive your marketing or buys a certain product.

How automation works

Standard emailing campaigns are sent to your contacts at the time of your choice. Automatic campaign emails are sent automatically to certain contacts as soon as they meet your triggering and sending criteria.

Choose a type of automation, create an email or a series of emails and define your sending criteria. We will use activity and contact data to determine who will receive your e-mails and when. Once your automated email is set up, Moosend will manage your queue and sendings to ensure your message is delivered to the right people at the right time.

What is possible to do with automation?

For advertisers whose contacts have a clear path from registration to conversion or re-engagement, automation can simplify communication. Depending on your business model, you can send a birthday coupon once a year or a series of solicitations from time to time.

When you regularly convert sent campaigns to automation, you reduce the amount of time you spend on content creation and increase your ROI.

If you connect your store to Moosend, you can also use automation for transactional messages, like abandoned cart emails and order notifications. These automations will reach anyone who abandons a cart or places an order in your store, even if they haven’t subscribed to your marketing emails.

About Workflows

A workflow is made up of all the customizable parts that shape your recipient’s experience with your automation. An automation includes the following elements: planning, trigger settings and marketing emails.

Trigger settings cover a variety of different criteria, such as a subscriber contact’s birthday or registration date, or a customer’s purchase activity. Moosend offers many types of automation with built-in triggers for common activities. However, if these options don’t fit your needs, you can modify them or create a custom automation from scratch. You can also pause an active automation and change its settings.

Automation emails will be sent sequentially. When a subscribed contact receives the first e-mail in a series of automations, he or she receives each e-mail in the sequence, unless he or she does not meet the conditions for triggering or segmenting an e-mail, or is removed from the automation.

Automation performance

Your account’s campaign page gives you an overview of each automation, including the status of their delivery and performance levels.

Sending status

The Campaigns page allows you to display your campaigns according to their status. Click Draft to view only the campaigns you are working on and have not yet sent or click Ongoing to view active and suspended campaigns. You will find your archived automations in the Archived folder.

Next to the name of each automation, you will see a small label indicating its sending status, so you can quickly see if things are progressing as planned.


On the campaigns page, you will be able to display the opening and click rates for each automation. Roll your mouse over the percentages of openings or clicks to see the total number.

Moosend is built with an award-winning email marketing campaign designer that has a drag-and-drop user interface with this tool users will be able to create design and customize standing and responsive email newsletters that render beautifully on any type of device.

The email marketing automation software also offers management features that allow users to strategically handle all the important things they need when it comes to launching email campaigns the management features includes the ability to collect customer data using opt-in or sign-up forms and create unsegmented email lists the software boasts the level of automation that email marketers can achieve using the tool.

Moonsend is designed to automate email marketing workflows so that users can perform their tasks faster and engage with visitors subscribers and customers in an accurate and timely manner with Moosend they will be able to set up events that trigger the automatic execution of specific tasks and workflow automation capability helps them solve issues like reducing instance of shopping cart abandonment as well as gaining sites into visitors behavior email marketing.

Analysis is included in moosand the software delivers a simple yet powerful analytics tool that allows users to monitor and access the performance on their email marketing campaigns this tool provides real-time data that permits them to identify which links added to email visitors and recipients are clicking what email applications and devices subscribers are using when they’re opening email campaigns and what hours of days they’re most active musant automates email marketing campaigns and activities by integrating with some third-party tools, user can also integrate their existing website or application with Moosend as Smtp service to accelerate the delivery of transactional emails let’s take a look about the overview of Moosend and benefits set up everything you need for launching effective and strategic email marketing campaigns collect contact data using custom opt-in forms build and expand your email list once users are done collecting contact data and information.

The next step is to create an email list an email list is a list of people they need to send out emails to this list contains names email addresses and other important contact information with Moosend email list can be expanded automatically through the aid of its import methods users can directly upload contacts to Moosend that are stored on a disk third-party email service provider crm tool gmail or google apps email list segmentation Moosend and allows users to segment their email list which means they can organize contacts into different groups they can segment them in any way they want talking into account the data they have collected and whether criteria their business is requiring this way they will be able to send out relevant email content engage with the right people intelligently increase click-through rates lower unsubscriber rates and make their email marketing campaign more impactful design stunning and responsive email newsletters automate email marketing workflows and tasks solves marketing challenges.

Let us find out how Moosend email marketing automation capability works by exampling some of the challenges and issues that many marketers are facing one of those challenges and issues in card abandonment card abandonment is a situation whether visitors started to add items to his or her online shopping cart but along the way left the website indeed complete on any purchase Moosend solves this issue through automation.

Yes, with Moosend users can automatically send an email to a visitor if that visitor is still not making any purchase within a certain period of time so let’s take an overview of Moosend features manage your email campaigns with is custom signup forms build and grow your email list automatically email list segmentation create stunning email newsletters responsive newsletter templates email marketing automation triggers filters and automated actions pre-made workflow recipes email marketing analytics see what links your subscriber click see what email client and device do your subscriber have analyze subscribers activity by location expert reports integrations connect your website or app to a world-class smp service.

How much does Moosend cost ??

Every business has its plan. I advise you to take your free subscription to see the power of Moosend.

Moosend free for ever

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Moosend certainly is one such awesome software email marketing is a tough space with lots of established brands however this is definitely worth a try and there is no other tool with a better free plan highly recommended so if you want to get this platform with a big discount for our readers just check the link.

Thanks for reading our article till the end hope you enjoyed and see you in the next one 😉

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