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NordVPN Review How To Watch Netflix and Movies Before Their Release

NordVPN Review How To Watch Netflix and Movies Before Their Release

NordVPN Introduction

Throughout 2021, NordVPN has been one of the best VPN choices, but time is running out.

We’ll talk about security later, but you’ll see that in addition to making your connection private and secure, NordVPN can let you do great things. So, in concrete terms, NordVPN is software installed on your computer or an application on your tablet or smartphone that will create a secure connection with a server, that is, a remote computer, and this secure connection protects you from the dangers that can be encountered if you connect to the internet with a wireless connection or a network connected with cable or fiber.

Is NordVPN 2022 still a legitimate VPN option? In this article, I’m going to take an in-depth look at the main features of NordVPN to see if NordVPN is worth the money against the other best VPNs in 2022.

NordVPN, Principle

So, when you activate NordVPN, the IP address, that is to say the address of your computer is invisible and it is only the IP address of the NordVPN server, which will be visible. Therefore, by hiding your IP address. On the one hand, we can’t know where you are so we can’t trace the location of your computer or smartphone, and what’s even better is that NordVPN also allows you to pretend that you are somewhere else in the world.

NordVPN, Security 🔐

NordVPN offers the basics when it comes to security. Many other VPNs offer the same AES-256 or ChaCha20 encryption.

These are unbreakable codes. So you won’t have to wonder if NordVPN is always secure. After all, NordVPN offers more than the basics, for example, its kill switch feature is truly unmatched. All the best VPNs of 2022 must offer this feature because it prevents data leakage in case of VPN connection loss, and internet providers don’t always offer a stable service.

I know of only two providers that offer an ad blocker and anti-malware feature like NordVPN does: Surfshark’s CleanWeb and PIA’s MACE can be compared to NordVPN’s CyberSec in terms of effectiveness when it comes to detecting dangerous websites and blocking ads.

NordVPN is also the second VPN to adopt RAM-only servers, with Express VPN being the first, and Surfshark following shortly after. I find RAM-only servers to be extremely valuable for privacy as they are unable to retain user data. In truth, NordVPN’s privacy is impressive, especially with an independently verified no-logging policy and privacy-friendly jurisdiction, but that’s not uncommon. Where NordVPN goes further is in security on Android. It is one of the few VPNs to have received the prestigious ioXT certification for its outstanding security.


Only ExpressVPN has managed to match this for its other Android apps. In terms of additional features, NordVPN offers a few that are practically unmatched. For example, a built-in dark web monitoring tool, always checking dark web markets in case your data appears there. And while Dual VPN is used by many VPNs, only NordVPN offers Tor integration in the form of specialized Onion over VPN servers.

I’ve found it to be extremely effective for tasks requiring privacy like crypto-currency trading.

NordVPN, Performance

If you want to try NordVPN, be sure to check out the link here NordVPN offers 2022.

But security isn’t the only focus of this VPN. All of the NordVPN reviews reflect this and for good reason. NordVPN’s performance is quite remarkable, mainly thanks to the proprietary NordLynx protocol, and the 5,200+ servers have a positive effect on speed. I ran a NordVPN speed test on three different sites.

I found that NordVPN has little influence on users’ connection speed, retaining up to 95% of the original speed.

No other VPN does this consistently. And taking into account that NordVPN is migrating its old 1 gig per second servers to 10 gig per second servers, I can only hope that the connection speed will be even faster.

But speed is only one reason why I consider NordVPN the best VPN for streaming. After all, my Netflix experience on NordVPN has been great.

I have access to every Netflix catalog possible, not only avoiding geo-blocks, but also getting a zero latency 4K stream every time, no matter how far away my chosen catalog location is. But honestly, Netflix isn’t enough, which is why I also got access to other platforms like BBC iPlayer and Disney Plus.

Many other VPNs could boast similar performance. However, none of them seemed as smooth to me.


Two simple examples of advantages of NordVPN

Example 1:

If you want to follow the Formula 1 Grand Prix which are broadcasted for example in France on pay channels, you can follow the Grand Prix by connecting directly to a Belgian NordVPN server and in this case, you will have free access to the Grand Prix on the rtbf website you just have to launch their NordVPN interface click on a server located in Belgium and 10 seconds later, it is considered that you are connected from Belgium and you can watch the F1 qualifications and the Grand Prix for free!

Example 2:

if you have a netflix disney account and well you can connect to a Korean NordVPN server, you connect to netflix, the netflix, app or website considers you are in Korean territory, and so you have access to a really, really different catalog of netflix seen in the US, and much more local Korean content and it’s the same for manga in Japan, or TV series at home where you are with NordVPN there is more content to explore.

But is NordVPN good for torrenting?

I would say yes, there are some features that support torrenting. For example, NordVPN automatically connects to a dedicated P2P server when you try to download torrent files and it has a SOCKS5 proxy for torrenting that allows for faster speeds. The only missing feature here is port forwarding. It would be nice to see it come back in NordVPN 2022, I’m praying for it!

NordVPN 2022 might give you more surprises than you thought.

I already mentioned that it’s moving to faster servers, but there’s also a change in security. NordVPN has commissioned cybersecurity experts, VerSprite, to perform a full audit to confirm their high level of security. A new Mac M1 app will also be available soon. So you’ll soon be able to use NordVPN natively on Mac devices with M1. NordVPN plans to launch a lot of improvements soon and it already offers a huge list of features and excellent performance.

NordVPN is reasonably priced and dare I say cheap if you opt for a long-term subscription.

But you can use NordVPN’s free trial available from Android devices or the 30-day money back guarantee. So, all things considered, is NordVPN worth it? With fast speeds, top-notch security, and affordable pricing, I think it clearly deserves to be among the best VPNs of the coming year. It can only get better in 2022. But what do you think?

Have you already used NordVPN? Tell me what you think in the comments below thanks for reading and for your attention, I hope to see you very soon.




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