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Optimize your web for Google’s 200 Ranking Factors (Google Search Engine Ranking Skyrocket)

Optimize your web for Google's 200 Ranking Factors (Google Search Engine Ranking Skyrocket)

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Optimize your web for Google’s 200 Ranking Factors Google Search Engine Ranking Skyrocket

How do you ensure that your site’, ‘is buttoned up when you’, “don’t have the time,”, ‘and even have the energy to’, ‘learn all the 200 factors?’, “Hey everyone, today I’m going to”, ‘teach you how to optimize’, ‘your on-page SEO. Now the first thing that’, “we’re going to end up doing”, ‘is heading over to Google Analytics You’ll end up seeing a”, ‘traffic analyzer report’, ‘that looks something like this,’

Google Analytics

where it breaks down’, ‘your site, the traffic,’, ‘your top pages, the top’, ‘keywords that you rank for.’, “And the reason I’m going”, ‘over this really quickly’, “is because it’s not how you’re”, ‘going to button up your traffic.’, “There’s actually another report in here.”

Now, if you don’t have much traffic,”, ‘you may see a blank screen that tells you,’, ‘”Hey, let\’s fix your site errors.”‘, “That’s if your site is new”, ‘and has barely any traffic.’, ‘Instead, go to the sidebar.’, ‘Look at SEO Analyzer, click on Site Audit.’, “In this report, it’ll”, ‘crawl your whole site.’, “Now my site’s already crawled,”, ‘we recently crawled it.’, ‘If your website, if you make’, ‘the SEO changes, you can click’, ‘a recrawl button, if the’, ‘crawl date is too old.’, “But in most cases, your site’s”, ‘not going to be crawled.’, “It’ll take a little bit,”, “and it’ll crawl 100 pages,”, ‘1,000 pages, 10,000 pages,’, ‘depending on your site.’, “Now let’s break down how you”, ‘optimize for these 200 factors.’

First off, it’s a little bit”, ‘too hard to learn all of them.’, ‘So what you just want’, ‘to do is try to optimize’, ‘and get your SEO score above 80.’, “And the reason I’m not”, ‘telling you to get 100 or 99,’, ‘is because of this one important thing.’, ‘If your SEO score is 100,’, ‘that means you optimized’, ‘all of your pages.

As you create new pages on your website,’, “there’s no way they’re going”, ‘to be perfectly optimized’, ‘out of the box.’, “When you’re creating content in quantity,”, “when you’re building links in quantity,”, “when you’re working on”, ‘doing social shares,’, “some things aren’t fully”, “buttoned up, and that’s okay.

And if your score is 100,’, “that just means you’re not”, ‘producing enough content,’, ‘creating enough new pages fast enough.’, ‘But as you do those things,’, “you’ll notice that your score will drop,”, “assuming you’re already at 100,”, ‘and you just want to’, ‘optimize to get above 80.’, “So, that’s a sweet spot.”, ‘Anything above 80 is pretty good.’, “And then, of course, you’ll”, ‘see organic monthly traffic,’, ‘keywords, how many backlinks you have,’, ‘and how many pages crawled,’, ‘things that are broken,’, ‘issues, blocked, redirects, healthy.’, ‘And I want you to first start’, ‘off with the critical errors.’, “We’ll get to that in a bit.”, ‘But then as you scroll’, ‘down, site speed, desktop,’, ‘three seconds mobile.’, ‘You need to work on this,’, “the page, it’ll load up,”, ‘took a little bit too long.’, ‘And it breaks down the’, ‘issues with the areas’, ‘that need to be fixed.’, ‘The greens are good, the’, ‘little pinks or reds,’, ‘whatever you wind up calling, are bad,’, ‘so you would want to fix that.

So as you can see here,’, ‘my issues are more so’, ‘the time to interactive and’, ‘estimated input latency.’, ‘So I need to work on fixing’, ‘these two for mobile,’, ‘and estimated input latency’, ‘for desktop, as well.’, ‘And as I mentioned if you hover over it,’, ‘it tells you what it is.’, ‘So estimated input latency,’, ‘this is an estimate’, ‘of how long your app or’, ‘website takes to respond’, ‘to the user input in milliseconds,’, ‘during the busiest five second’, ‘windows of the page load.’, ‘If your latency is higher’, ‘than 50 milliseconds,’, ‘users may perceive the’, ‘app or website as lagging.’, ‘And then, of course, as you scroll down,’, “you’ll see your top SEO issues.”, ‘So I want you to scroll back up,’, “and let’s first start”, ‘with the critical errors.

This again, is your top’, ‘issues that you need to fix.’, ‘You may see some greens if things are good’, “and there’s no issues there,”, ‘but I want you to look’, ‘at the ones at the top.’, ‘And it sorts them by difficulty,’, ‘how easy is it to fix and the impact.’, “And if you’re not sure what it is,”, ‘like 26 pages with a low word count,’, ‘you just look at what is’, ‘this, and how do I fix it.’, ‘So what is this?’, ‘Without enough text on a page,’, ‘Google will have trouble understanding’, ‘what the content is about.’, ‘And then of course goes more in depth,’, ‘and it even says, “How do I fix it?”‘, ‘Add more content page so it’, “isn’t considered thin content”, ‘and has a better chance of ranking.’, ‘In general, the average webpage that ranks’, ‘on page one of Google’, ‘contains 2,200 words.’, ‘Now, when you dive a little bit in,’, ‘all you have to do is just click it,’, “you’ll see the pages”, ‘that have low word count.’, ‘Now I want you to take’, ‘this and really look’, ‘at, “Hey, do I need to’, ‘fix some of these pages?”‘, ‘For example, this is my German page,’, ‘and this is blog page 12.’, ‘This is just pagination.’, “Don’t really need to fix that page.”, “I don’t necessarily need to fix this one,”, ‘as this is an AB Testing Calculator tool.’, “I don’t really need to fix this one,”, ‘as this is my about page in Portuguese,’, ‘which mainly just has a video.’, ‘Some could even be my contact page.’, ‘So you want to go through these,’, ‘and look for the pages’, ‘that need to be fixed,’, “and the pages that don’t need to be fixed.

Some of the pages should be fixed,’, “and some of them don’t.”, ‘And the reason I say that is with this,’, ‘and this is an issue with low word count,’, “some of your pages could be on, let’s say,”, ‘”How to tie a tie

Do you really need 2,200′, ‘words on how to tie a tie,’, ‘or even 500 words?  Not really, you just need some images,’, “maybe even a video, and that’s it.”, “And that’s for low word count.”, ‘And I want to emphasize that one,’, ‘because for that one,’, ‘not all of them are going to be fixable,’, ‘and that can also bring down’, “your score, and that’s fine.”, ‘But some of the other ones’, ‘like duplicate meta tags’, “or title tags, you’ll be able to see,”, ‘”All right, there\’s four’, ‘pages with this error.’, “There’s eight pages that”, ‘just have the title of blog.’, “There’s two pages that just have the title”, ‘of Dupon Joe helped me succeed’, ‘through online marketing,”‘, ‘which is a bad title for’, ‘this page, specifically,’, “’cause it’s in Italian,”, ‘which means my team’, ‘needs to translate it.’, ‘And then, you can go in’, ‘there, you can look at issues’, ‘like, pages without H1 headings.

And there’s quite a few of them.”, ‘I can go through these’, ‘and start fixing them.’, ‘And the list goes on and on,’, ‘six pages returned 400 errors,’, “and there are 404, which means I’m linking”, ‘to them internally from other’, ‘pages, which is not good.’, ‘So I need to fix that.’, “38 pages where the title’s too short,”, ‘breaks them down, tells me what they are.’, ‘I should probably make my titles,’, ‘like this one blog, longer.’, ‘Contact could be longer’, ‘like, “Get in touch with us’, ‘for digital marketing’, ‘services,” for example.’, “And you’ll just want to”, ‘go through all the issues’, ‘within this report,’, ‘ideally, your critical errors first,’, ‘then the warnings, and’, ‘then the recommendations.’, ‘And when you do that and you’, ‘start fixing all of them,’, “then what you’ll want to do”, ‘is go back to Google analytics,’, ‘more so the site audit, and then what you’ll want to do is verify”, ‘that you fixed these issues,’, ‘and then click recrawl,’, ‘which then recrawls your website,’, ‘goes through every single’, ‘page, which can take time’, ‘especially if you have a big site.’, “It doesn’t just crawl your”, ‘website in one second,’, ‘and the reason being is’, ‘if it crawled it too fast,’, ‘it would be too many’, ‘requests to your servers,’, ‘which can impact the user experience’, ‘for other users who are’, ‘naturally visiting your website.

So it takes a little bit’, ‘to crawl your website,’, ‘and we do that on purpose.’, “So that way we don’t hit”, ‘your servers 1,000 times’, ‘per second, and then’, ‘slow down your experience’, ‘for other users.’, “So we’re very picky”, ‘and careful about that.’, ‘But as it takes time, crawls your page,’, “and then you’ll get an updated SEO score.”, ‘And you can see, “Hey,’, ‘did these fixes help?’, ‘Do I still need to go’, ‘back and adjust them.’, ‘What am I doing right?’, ‘What am I doing wrong?”‘, “And that’s it.”, ‘And if you do that, you’, ‘can optimize your site’, “and they’ll start improving”, ‘your numbers over time.’, ‘And you can see if your’, ‘score has improved,’, ‘decreased, but this is how you’, ‘optimize for the 200 factors,’, ‘that 200 plus factors that Google has,’, “because we’re inputting”, ‘them in our systems’, ‘as they release data.’, ‘And Google gives us hints’, “on what’s affecting their algorithms,”, ‘and what people are’, ‘running experiments on,’, “and what we’re running experiments on”, “to seeing what’s working and what’s not.”, “And we’re taking all that data”, ‘and putting this into this tool,’, “so you, yourself don’t have to learn it.”, ‘And you can just do this,’, “run this report, and you’ll”, ‘be off and to the races.’, ‘Now, if you have any’, ‘questions, leave a comment.

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