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Oribi Pricing, Reviews, Features & Alternatives | Oribi vs Google Analytics | What Is the Best Website Analytic Tool?

Oribi Pricing, Reviews, Features & Alternatives Oribi vs Google Analytics What Is the Best Website Analytic Tool

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Oribi versus Google Analytics in the first part of this article I will compare these two software, in the second part I will discuss the advantages of using Oribi for E-merchants so that you can find the best solution for your business. What I will do is review the pricing features and ease of use. How easy is it to use these 2 platforms so that you can benefit from them!

Why do you want to use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, which was founded in 2005, is now the most popular and commonly used analytics application on the internet. Google has moved to the mobile realm, allowing users to gather usage statistics from both Android and iOS devices, in addition to recording millions of data points on the desktop.

The different metrics are one of the many reasons why you could use Google Analytics for your own purposes. You’ll get access to bounce rate, return visitor conversion, value per visit, session length, lead generating costs, pages per session, exit pages, and more once you’ve installed it (which is straightforward). With so many indicators to choose from, it’s simple to focus on the most critical aspects and make data-driven decisions.

You may also link your Google Analytics account to your Google AdWords account. Suddenly, the two are in sync, allowing you to evaluate the quality of campaigns and how well they’re functioning over time.

Aside from that, one of the advantages of using Google Analytics is that it is completely free. This free tool will be valuable to small businesses who wish to evaluate the efficacy of advertisements or figure out where visitors comes from.

We may also mention Google Analytics’ flexibility and freedom for consumers. Analytics will develop alongside your company as it expands. You may shift your focus and the metrics to which you pay attention over time. While this is going on, you’ll have a library of past data to serve as a foundation for choices and future growth.

Why should you go with Oribi?

How many website visitors end up buying?

If you’re going to deviate from one of the internet’s most recognizable brands, you’ll need a compelling cause. Because of their numerous excellent qualities, we believe Oribi is a solid reason. Not only does the platform handle the essentials adequately, but it also manages to outperform Google in several areas.

One of the first things you’ll notice while utilizing this platform is the gorgeous dashboard. Of course, functionality and other factors take precedence over looks, but it doesn’t hurt, right? Everything you need is neatly displayed in one location thanks to our sleek and intriguing design.

Following that, the insights you obtain are simple to comprehend, and adjustments may be made rapidly as a result of these insights. If you go to the Oribi website, you’ll see that one of their goals is to make analytics accessible to everyone, and their platform is a manifestation of that goal.

Because the tracking code may be installed on your website, you can also choose to exclude particular pages from data collection. Furthermore, the tracking code operates independently, allowing you to use Oribi alongside other tracking services such as Google Analytics.

All interactions with your website are summarized using Oribi, and you may track activity across many domains. Oribi is for people with limited experience who wish to design funnels, define conversions, and produce reports without needing to know any coding or other technical abilities.

We should also highlight that Iris Shoor, the company’s founder and CEO, has a solid background in the IT business. After founding VisualTao (which expanded to 10 million members throughout the world) and Takipi, this is Shoor’s third successful enterprise.

oribioribi free plan

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If you are a beginner, I highly recommend using Oribi over Google Analytics. Just because it’s easier to understand, however, Oribi is expensive. That’s not to say that Google Analytics is 100% free.

Although Google Analytics has a freemium version, the fees are far higher than a monthly subscription. Having the appropriate information is crucial to any effective marketing campaign. With Google Analytics, you’ll need to know exactly what you want to measure, rely on tech support and engineers for setup and upgrades, and interpret raw data into useful insights – or hire an analyst to do it for you. To make wise selections, you must devote a significant amount of effort and money.

Another issue is that Google Analytics only offers basic traffic-related analytics. It doesn’t inform you what activities lead to conversions, how to spend your money wisely, or how to improve your site’s performance. The correct moves may propel your company to new heights. They shouldn’t only be for companies. In contrast to Oribi. It’s the driving force behind your next tactical action. With Oribi’s insights, you can simply cut down on wasted advertising dollars, avoid wasting time producing content that doesn’t convert, figure out where your visitors are leaving the most, and tweak your site to increase conversions.

On the other hand, Oribi charges you according to the number of visitors you get per month, you can pay annually or monthly. I want you to know that there is indeed a free trial available.

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So there’s a free trial on Oribi, which is great, but if we go back to pricing, the price will depend on how many visitors you get per month. You just need to choose the option that works best for you.

Oribi pricing, free trial, oribi coupon code, oribi discount

Oh yes it’s expensive ! Google Analytics is free. If I ask myself, can I use Google Analytics for free? As I explained above, Google offers both free and paid versions of Google Analytics. The basic version of Google Analytics is free to be fair. However, keep in mind that a free product from Google does not necessarily stay free forever.

There is no longer a free version of Google Apps for new business customers, for example. So, right now, you can get Google Analytics for free. However, it’s more difficult in my opinion and as they say, it won’t always be free and let’s be honest, getting actionable information from Google Analytics is not easy.

That’s also what you can read on Google itself, it’s pretty hard to get into. It was built for analytics experts with a lot of time and technical resources, unlike most of us, unlike Oribi the tool that helps you take the right data from your site and turn it into an intelligent decision machine for increasing your revenue.

Anyway, you get the idea that with Oribi. you can get actionable insights, there is no need for developers, Oribi is your only source of truth, so stop drowning in endless reports or highlighting what you should be focusing on.

In my opinion, Oribi is a great tool, especially if you’re a beginner because it makes it easier to understand. If you already have some experience honestly, you can stick with google analytics, especially if you are already paying for it. If you are on the free plan, you can always make the decision to jump in with Oribi.

Oribi for E-Commerce Merchants

Oribi Pricing, Reviews, Features & Alternatives Oribi vs Google Analytics What Is the Best Website Analytic Tool

You’re wondering how Oribi works and what makes it different from all the other e-commerce analysis tools. Here’s a brief overview that will give you an idea of what Oribi is all about.

Oribi is an e-commerce marketing analytics tool that will help you evaluate and optimize all your marketing efforts, from your major campaigns to promotions. It will help you analyze the flow on your website, showing you what drives some visitors to buy while others choose to leave your site. 

Google Analytics will certainly provide you with important data for e-commerce, but Oribi raises the bar even higher. In addition to providing you with data, you can trust Oribi because it was designed to solve the problems that Google Analytics users face. Yes, this is your chance to be data-driven without breaking your head with complex metrics!

What’s different about Oribi?

First of all, it requires no code. You can define any event on your website. Button clicks, forms, submissions, page groups and everything else can be defined by yourself without the help of a developer. Second, Oribi does not believe in creating an infinite amount of data for all users. 

Let me explain, not all dropshippers ( Dropshipping – AUTODS VS DSMTOOL ) for example are IT developers…

Indeed, you want to know what drives the painting of the sales? What you need to change to increase your revenue? And not endless statistics!

You’re not as excited about the tedious tasks that come with it, which is why Oribi presents summarized, actionable data for everything you need to track changes and trends in your online store. Oribi is also very easy to use and has a nice user-friendly interface, so you can easily share data with knowledgeable colleagues!

Now let’s review the main features Oribi offers. Code-free events know what drove visitors to buy. As I mentioned, you can easily track any event on your website without using any code. Add to cart using discounts, pop-up clicks at checkout or any other step in your checkout funnel, unlike other tools, Oribi defines an event, shows you the data, only then does Oribi allow you to see that data retroactively.

You’ll be able to see the data of any event that has occurred since the tracking code was installed on your site, even if you didn’t set the event right away. So whenever you have questions about your store, you can get answers instantly, learn what drives site visitors to perform that event, what the rate of each channel is, which pages convert best and many other funnels, create beautiful funnels in a few clicks and learn where you are losing visitors so you create the perfect cart, and get insight into funnel behavior by different marketing channels.

Track each visitor’s journey, the activities of individual visitors, see every event they perform and find out what they did before buying or before deciding not to complete the checkout process, Oribi makes it easy to integrate their email addresses so all is not lost! You can also look at the path aggregation and find out what the most common paths are to a certain event or page. This will help you focus and make good decisions and which funnels to choose and correlate and discover the impact of a certain event. 

For example, our visitors who read our article on our page are more likely to buy or our visitors who participated in a certain campaign are more likely to buy some of our software recommendations. 

Oribi also offers Attribution Viewing, which will help you better score each of your channels and ultimately understand how each channel contributes to your revenue, create beautiful reports in five minutes, no more struggling with endless charts, Oribi allows you to generate custom reports like a pro without any effort.  Export events to Facebook and Google Ads: no need to be dependent on developers to send events to Facebook and Google Ads for optimization.

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Your campaigns get a competitive edge by easily exporting various segments of your visitors’ behavior. This will help you create better similar audiences and set better goals as well as analyze your keywords, the right way, Oribi offers a free trial, try it today visit Oribi now!

3 Alternatives To Oribi and Its Competitors This Year



 5 reasons to choose Semrush over Similarweb
Semrush is a powerful internet marketing tool that can help businesses of all sizes compete on a level playing field by providing relevant and reliable keyword research and competition analysis data. While some of the capabilities are equivalent to those offered by competitors, Semrush’s data is significantly more comprehensive, dependable, and, most importantly, accurate.



Hubspot is a popular cloud-based email marketing technology that allows businesses of all kinds to plan, automate, and manage marketing campaigns across multiple email platforms, ad networks, and other channels from a single dashboard. The platform’s user interface features an active area in the centre of the screen.

This container can be influenced by the top navigation options for whatever you’re working on. On the top ribbon, black text links go to Contacts, Conversations, Marketing, Sales, Services, Automation, and Reports.


Adzooma is a digital ad platform that assists businesses of all kinds in managing and optimizing sales efforts across Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Advertising. Using the opportunity engine and machine learning algorithms, professionals may obtain automatic guidance on recommended keywords, presence targeting, budget management, and landing page optimization.

Businesses may use Adzooma to evaluate recommended data and instantly stop running advertisements or bids on low-performing keywords. Managers can specify specific specifications for automated processes and obtain data on campaign budget overrun. Users may also manage several accounts from a single location.

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So to conclude my point in this article, if I was starting my online business, I would choose Oribi. Sure it’s not free, but with a free trial and google analytics is free, but, like I said, google analytics is harder to understand, so you should kind of think about the fact that even if you pay for Oribi, it might mean that you’re going to get better information because you understand it better than google analytics and because of that you’re going to make more revenue or make better decisions for your business. So my opinion is that if you start using these analytics tools, go with Oribi, because it’s easy for beginners. Google analytics if you use the free plan, it’s not great, if you use the paid plan – and you already know how it works. It’s perfect!

I hope this article has given you some insight into what you should choose for your business. If so, I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletters, on that note I’ll say ciao and see you next week.

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