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Shopify & Debutify VS WordPress & WooCommerce – eCommerce Marketing Strategy – EXPLODE your Sales!

Shopify & Debutify VS WordPress & WooCommerce - eCommerce Marketing Strategy - EXPLODE your Sales!

Shopify or WooCommerce?

This is the question that many entrepreneurs are asking themselves who want to get into E-commerce dropshipping and in this article we will see the positive and negative points of these two solutions.

Welcome everyone, I’m mohammed from in today’s article, we’re going to talk E-commerce, Shopify & Debutify VS WordPress & WooCommerce, so you can make a choice for your future online store.

So, for what they do not know, WooCommerce is an open-source extension for wordpress to create an online store, so we’ll start with the positive points of this solution, one of the first points that comes to mind is that WooCommerce stores are more powerful, but on one, and only condition that it is well configured and this technical mastery is not necessarily within the reach of everyone!

Indeed, if you are able to devote time to train you properly, it will be a reliable solution, you can really have a very effective store and it is really a guarantee of quality for an online store. One of the most positive points appreciated by the WooCommerce community – is the cost ratio. The costs are much lower than those of Shopify.

A subscription for your WooCommerce store requires hosting on Siteground, Hostinger, Bluehost for less than $50 Annually.

Unlike the Shopify Basic plan which is $29 per Month.

If you are planning to create multiple stores on Shopify this can be expensive! It is important to note that it will cost you much less to create multiple stores on WooCommerce.

We especially have the hand to have more sites with a high level of design. We must also admit that the community is much larger and you will have countless themes or plugins to optimize your store for free or paid. A last positive point, and not the least, is that your store is totally yours… I’ll come back to that in the Shopify negative points.

Now, let’s move on to the negative points, WooCommerce is, much more technical as I explained at the top of the page and difficult to configure. If you’re a beginner, you might break your teeth. Trying to create your first online store with WooCommerce, can be a complex task, but I’m not saying it’s impossible. You can spend hours on your WooCommerce store, get trained and do something good, but having a highly effective site, it doesn’t happen overnight.

For that, what I would advise for anyone who is a beginner or people who don’t have time, because not everyone is going to be a developer it’s much easier to get a Shopify subscription.

So, if you’re a beginner, it won’t be my advice to go straight to WooCommerce and, as I told you earlier in regards to the positives that you have with WooCommerce control over everything, but it’s up to you to make sure you have a good host to avoid having a slow site to download and have enough knowledge in terms of Seo to optimize your store.

In short, I’ll spare you the details, but it suddenly involves a lot of thinking!

Why Choose Shopify?

For me, WordPress ➕ WooCommerce, it’s a bit more time consuming for SEO if you’re new to it! It takes a lot less time on Shopify, it’s much simpler and smoother.

I’ll start with the negatives to go back to what I mentioned earlier;

– With Shopify you don’t really own your store, Shopify can close your store at any time because you didn’t respect a rule for example selling products like IPhone or other trademarks and you don’t have the authorization to sell.

– If you want to do something very advanced in terms of design functionality, you are also limited with Shopify, especially for check-out

– The negative also that comes up more often is the banging, especially if you have multiple stores on Shopify.


The customization is really very limited, if not almost non-existent so often not at all compared to the Debutify theme.

What is Debutify?

Debutify is a Free Shopify theme that is designed to improve the overall functionality and performance of your online store. Debutify has thousands of active users worldwide using it and with a pretty high user notification.


debutify free plan


I still come back to the positives of Shopify, it’s true that it’s very simple and easy, very accessible compared to WooCommerce as I said, and that’s what got me started, E-commerce 2016, Shopify is an accessible cms by the way, with a lot of improvements in 2022

And to me, Shopify is really ideal for all beginners, anyone who wants to get started, no headaches with codes or anything. In fact, it’s almost a turnkey store especially with a most adaptive theme, Debutify.

Debutify Deciphering

Shopify is extremely fast and optimized for mobile, but where Debutify starts and surpasses all other free themes is with these extra modules, which boost sales. For example, you can have access to;

  • Add-To-Cart Animation
  • Shop Protectors
  • Age Check
  • Shop Protectors
  • Agree To Terms
  • Shopping Enhancers
  • Automatic Geolocation
  • Shopping Enhancers
  • Back In Stock
  • Conversion Triggers
  • Cart Discount
  • Shopping Enhancers
  • Cart Favicon
  • Cart Maximizers
  • Cart Goal
  • Cart Maximizers
  • Cart Savings
  • Cart Maximizers
  • Cart Upsell
  • Cart Maximizers
  • Collection Add-To-Cart
  • Shopping Enhancers
  • Collection Filters
  • Shopping Enhancers
  • Color Swatches
  • Shop Protectors
  • Cookie Box
  • Shopping Enhancers
  • Conversion Triggers
  • Trust Badge
  • Conversion Triggers
  • Upsell Bundles
  • Conversion Triggers
  • Upsell Pop-Up
  • Loyalty Builders
  • Wish List

You can check the full list of 50 Add-Ons here Debutify Faq

Absolute guarantee of these Add-Ons that they will improve the performance of your store even if you are a beginner in the field of e-commerce, you will not need Coding or marketing knowledge to enjoy the plugins that will help you take off the turnover of your store.


Positive and negative points of Debutify

If I had to find three positives and three negatives would be the following;

Positive points

  1. 1st positive point, the price. This is its selling point. Free plan: it is necessary and free, so it will be ideal for beginners, who have very small budgets. Who would like to have a complete and optimized solution for cheap positive points.
  2. Second positive point: it is optimized for sales. The theme integrates directly for you, the best placements, the best sizing to ensure better conversion and higher sales. This design aid also allows you to design stores faster.
  3. 3rd positive point: The add-ons will natively integrate more than 50 add-ons, which allows you to save money on applications. In addition to the savings on the theme.

Negative points

  1. Number one is the cruel lack of flexibility is the number one flaw I really see with this theme, the elements and placements are too standardized.
  2. Number two, a quickly limited freemium part. Indeed, if you want to access the various add-ons, then you’ll have to pay at the checkout, fortunately, the prices remain very affordable.

Debutify Pro & Cons


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Fast and mobile optimization
  • No technical requirements
  • Automatic updates
  • Free access
  • Good refund policy
  • Ideal for Shopify Dropshipping, Print-On-Demand and branded stores
  • 50+ tested e-commerce sales boosters
  • 100% optimized for dropshipping
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Easy 1-click theme installation


  • For the best features, you have to pay the premium version

Debutify Ease of Use, Speed and Price

Now it’s time for the final rating for ease of use. I’ll be objective with my rating.

Ease of use

Debutify takes a score of 5 out of 5 because, as we have seen before, it is particularly thought and designed for beginners so no fear of technique.


The speed is rated 5 out of 5. Indeed, all the menus are designed by the same developers, so the whole thing doesn’t suffer from any bugs or slowdown and the support is quite reactive and the site is well documented.


The price, a score of 5 out of 5. I think you know why, free for first time users.

debutify price


For the question: should I use Debutify with my Shopify store? I will definitely answer YES. Debutify brings a real solution for beginner or advanced e-tailers, if you don’t have any coding or technical knowledge, you’ll get a high-performance store with powerful features to generate those first sales effortlessly.

I hope this article has helped you see more clearly, the differences between WooCommerce and Shopify.

As you will have understood through our articles on E-Commerce, we have chosen for our dropshipping business the Shopify, Debutify, Autods and Dsmtool solution in order to make as much revenue as possible.


How-to-automate-your-dropshipping-store … Read More.

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Are you ready for performance?

Try Debutify for free and optimize your store for conversion now!







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