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The most powerful productivity application you need to use – Email inbox with SaneBox

The most powerful productivity application you need to use - Email inbox with SaneBox

SaneBox filters emails based on your customisation and training preferences using AI technology and a clever algorithm, so you can focus on the most essential communications first. SaneBox works wherever you check your email across clients and devices, with features like auto-reply tracking, snoozing, one-click unsubscribing, do-not-disturb mode, and more. It’s the most private and safe program since it only examines the headers of emails, never the actual information. SaneBox is the cost-benefit leader, saving you more money than it costs. – the typical SaneBox customer saves 3-4 hours on email time.


Sanebox’s “Killer Features”

SaneBox is a white-label SaaS email add-on that includes AI screening, productivity, and CRM. The following are the most popular “killer features”:

– AI filtering: SaneBox analyzes your email history to figure out what’s relevant to you. Unimportant emails are then moved to a different folder and summarized in a digest.

– Track responses: Get informed when someone don’t respond to your emails. Users who use Office 365 for the first time convert at a rate of 62%.

– Drag an email into the BlackHole folder to have all future emails from that sender go straight to trash. It’s similar to unsubscribing, but it’s a lot better.

– Snooze: Put non-urgent emails on hold until you’re ready to respond.

Sanebox vs. ‘Clutter’/’Focused Inbox’

– SaneBox is comparable to Clutter and Focused Inbox,

with the exception that it really works. Clutter/Focused Inbox appears to apply a universal set of rules to all users.

As a result, filtering isn’t tailored to the tastes of each user. To make matters worse, training Clutter takes a long time. – Because of its tailored algorithms, SaneBox gets off to a far better start. It’s also simple to train: simply transfer the email to the relevant folder, and SaneBox will pick up on it right away. SaneBox is capable of much more than AI filtering (see killer features above).

Sanebox – Key Statistics A typical Sanebox small firm has between 5 and 25 employees and receives about 30 emails every day.

– Within two weeks, 43% of Office 365 free trials convert to paying customers. When they use the Reminder function, however, that percentage jumps to 62 percent.

They (the partners) are likewise unsure about how to present it to their customers.

End-user positioning for SaneBox

Employees spend 28% of their time in their email on average. That’s 12 hours a week you might be doing something “reactive” that isn’t part of your job description! You’ve been incarcerated in email hell. Regrettably, the choices aren’t appealing…

sanebox free


The majority of filtering algorithms are impersonal and hard to teach.

Because most of them have limited capability, you’ll have to employ many applications to meet all of your requirements.

None of them are compatible with all of your devices (most work only in one place).

They have access to your sensitive email information because most are not secure.

There are various free tools available, but your personal information may be sold in return for no fees—and you will receive even more email!

So, how can you filter your email to make it more efficient, use it across all of your devices, securely, and at a price that saves you money?

Perhaps you might think about…

SaneBox is an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for your mailbox.

It allows you to prioritize what’s important, unsubscribe, snooze, move attachments to Dropbox, and automate time-consuming chores. The best part is that it works with any email client, service provider, or device.


“Product of the Year!” exclaims the announcer. – Computer Magazine
“By far the easiest solution to address email overload,” according to Business Insider.

It’s “incredible” and “worth every penny,” according to The Next Web.
SaneBox, according to Forbes, “will make you fall in love with email all over again.”

It’s been described as “life altering” by the Shopify team.
It’s even been dubbed the “greatest remedy to email overload” by Tony Robbins.

The New York Times, TechCrunch, Time, Entrepreneur, and the Wall Street Journal have all written about us.

There are five PRIMARY reasons to think about SaneBox.

MOST AI Filtering Options BEST AI Filtering

Works on all email clients and devices natively.


Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

1- AI Filtering at its Finest. SaneBox, unlike most other “dumb” solutions, employs artificial intelligence to automatically sort your email (to the level of precision you specify) and retains your manual training. The following are some of the features…

  • The most intelligent assistant. Built-in Smart Assistant employs a sophisticated algorithm to transfer unnecessary emails from your inbox to a new folder and then summaries them in a digest, which you can study later if you have the time. It assists you in focusing on the most critical emails first.

  • Customization is the simplest. You can customize your filters by type (newsletters, receipts, items you’ve been cc’ed on, project, subject, and more), as well as the level of aggressiveness with which they filter. Allows you to organize your email in the way you want it automatically.

  • It’s the simplest to train. If an email is unintentionally sorted in the incorrect folder, just transfer it to the correct location, and SaneBox will automatically teach the system to sort similar emails in the correct folder in the future.

2- Filtering Options that are the most comprehensive. SaneBox has the most filtering features to help you keep your email under control.

  • Tracking of auto-replies. Get informed when individuals don’t react to you, and have the original email automatically resent if they don’t answer within your defined time frame—like it’s having a built-in marketing automation tool.

  • Snooze. Emails may be easily snoozed until you’re ready to act on them (end of day, in a week, etc.). Non-urgent emails are removed, leaving just actionable emails in your inbox.

  • Attachments to the clouds. When you choose SaneBox as your storage choice, all of your email attachments are saved and organized in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, or another popular cloud storage service. This minimizes the size of your email files, which is important because certain email apps become unstable when huge file sizes are exceeded. It’s also simpler to locate your well-organized attachments afterwards.

  • One-Click-Unsubscribe. With a simple click, you may unsubscribe from bothersome senders. The system will then automatically shift future emails from the same sender to the trash, reducing the time it takes to cut off spammers and guaranteeing they never bother you again.

  • Do-Not-Disturb. Set a Do Not Disturb timer or manually turn it on (end of day, during vacation, etc.). All incoming emails are stored in a folder until you switch it back on, or until you’ve set the start of your next day, or until you’ve scheduled the start of your next day, or until you’ve scheduled the start of your next day, or until you’ve scheduled the start of your next day, or until It assists you in prioritizing and separating your business and personal emails.

  • Control of spam. Checks your spam folder for false positives (based on previously approved emails) and puts them to a non-spam folder so you can double-check they’re not spam. If it’s awful, the algorithm learns to put it in the spam folder. Ensures that pleasant emails are never mistakenly discarded as spam.

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3- Works on all email clients and devices natively.

  • It works at every location where you check your email. SaneBox is compatible with Outlook, Office360, Google, IBM Notes, AOL, iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail, and any other major email or iMap provider, including your phone or tablet. Nothing has to be installed or learned.

4- THE MOST SECURE AND PRIVATE FILTERS APPLICATION SaneBox will always remain 100 percent safe, unlike competing systems that read and intercept your full email, posing a possible security, legal, and embarrassing risk.

  • Only reads the headers; the body material is never read. The system just scans the to/about information, and the body of your emails are never transferred to the SaneBox servers, so the program won’t be able to access them, and the bad guys won’t be able to find anything—even if SaneBox is ever hacked.


  • Pricing that is competitive. SaneBox is priced similarly to other alternative email management systems, despite the fact that it is the industry leader. It’d be like comparing NotePad to MS Word, only NotePad has all the added capabilities, making it the indisputable price-performance winner.

  • It saves you more money than it costs you. The average employee spends 28% of their time (650 hours per year) handling email. SaneBox can save over 100 hours per year on average. SaneBox will save you $1500 per employee if you pay only $30k per year. The more valuable your time is, the more SaneBox saves (a 15-25 times return!).

What is it that is preventing you from achieving your goals?

What’s holding you back now that you’ve seen some of the benefits of SaneBox? The following are some frequently asked questions:

  • Isn’t email management already included in Office 365 and Google Suite?
    Yes, but just a portion of the things you require. For example, Outlook’s “Clutter” just does ONE thing (priority filtering), and it does it horribly (do you know anyone who likes it?). SaneBox is much better at filtering and has a lot more features (reply tracking, unsubscribe, Inbox Pause, snooze, attachment storage, etc). Nothing else but Google is used by Google. Some of the greatest time-saving features are still lacking (it’s an afterthought—advertising is their core business).

  • Is it prohibitively expensive?

    Not in the least. In fact, using it “pays” you since it saves you far more money than it costs. SaneBox saves you over 100 hours each year on average. Even a $30k employee (which is difficult to come by) saves at least $1,500 per year, not to mention the hours spent fighting email hell (o). It’s also why such a high percentage of free trial consumers become paying clients! Give it a go.

  • I don’t have time to pick up a new skill!

    You already know how to use SaneBox if you know how to utilize email folders. It features built-in intelligence and takes care of the majority of your ongoing tasks (if you move an email from one folder to another, it can do it for you automatically the next time around).

  • How will I know if I require it?

    Remove any doubt—and put it to the test. It’s completely free, and if you don’t like it, everything will revert to its previous state.

  • How does it stack up?

    See how SaneBox stacks up against the competition in the table below.

Pay attention to what the press and users are saying.

On TrustPilot, there are over 170 good reviews.

“Your stuff is fantastic. It’s something I can’t live without. Hiten Shah: “It’s in the top three: phone, email, and SaneBox.”

“SaneBox is the most effective way to deal with email overload!” I could never go back to the previous technology since it was so simple and adaptable.” Tony Robbins is a prominent life and business expert in the United States.

“This is by far the easiest solution to address email overload,” according to Business Insider.

“SaneBox is wonderful, and worth every penny it costs,” The Next Web remarked.

“This New Tool Can Make It Easier to Retain Control of Your Inbox,” claimed Entrepreneur.

PC Magazine’s “Product of the Year” winner

There are two options available to you:

  1. Life in the Past

    Monday has arrived, and your schedule is jam-packed with meetings, phone calls, and critical proactive tasks that must be completed. However, you’re continually caught in your email, reacting, filtering, and deleting (which isn’t strategic). It’s 11 a.m., and nothing has been accomplished!!

    Does this ring a bell?

  2. New Beginnings

    SaneBox has been installed. Your emails are suddenly reorganized. What happened to them? Some were removed (Spam), but the most significant ones remained. The remainder is sensibly organized by project, kind, and so forth.

WOW! You take care of the most important ones first and then go to work. That’s it for me today! I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, if so please leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletter. Ciao, Ciao!

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