Time Doctor Increase Your Productivity -Time Verification Features

Time Doctor Increase Your Productivity -Time Verification Features

Time Doctor has three extraordinary time the executives highlights:

1) Interactive Time Tracking

Time Doctor utilizes a manual time tracker to screen the worker time and movement during their workday. Representatives need to just ‘start’ and ‘stop’ the clock, and Time Doctor tracks their web and application use out of sight.

2) Offline Time Tracking

The disconnected time following element can record time regardless of whether there is no web availability. The recorded time is put away in the application’s nearby reserve. When the web network has been reestablished, the followed time is synchronized to the workers and showed in the reports.

3) Silent Tracking Time

Doctor is essentially a manual time tracker. In any case, it additionally has an element to follow time consequently when your workers start their PC.

Time Doctor can likewise screen your time without choosing a specific errand. This implies that the time spent in gatherings, customer visits, and so forth, will likewise be checked.

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