Internet Marketing School All Posts,Productivity,Seo,Video content creation Use Answer The Public to Create Better Content – it is even more important for SEO

Use Answer The Public to Create Better Content – it is even more important for SEO

Use Answer The Public to Create Better Content – it is even more important for SEO

Welcome to Freedombizmachine. In today’s article I’m going to present you with a simple tutorial on how to use Answer The Public, it may seem a little intimidating at first, but honestly, it’s very very simple, so we’re going to go through it pretty quickly and all I ask is that if you like this article, make sure to leave a comment below or any additional questions you have or anything you liked in this article, then also sign up for the newsletters if you’d like to get more valuable articles for your business.

We are here to answer questions about Answer The Public,

you can access it here Answer The Public will also be in other paragraphs of this article. Once you are there and before diving in, you need to understand what Answer The Public is. Answer The Public is also called a reverse search engine, so what is a reverse search engine?

It’s easy! Think about a traditional search engine like Google, how do you use it properly? You go to Google in the search bar you type a query and you get answers to your query, at any time you can also do searches on which you will type keywords and you get answers based on the keywords you typed.

With a reverse search engine when you type the keywords in the search bar instead of getting answers to our query, we will get questions that relate to our query.

How does it work?

Anwer the Public combines suggestions made by Google and Bing with questions, prepositions, comparisons.

This relatively unknown visualization tool retrieves and organizes the keyword suggestions you see when you do a Google search.  It then organizes them into rosettes and alphabetical lists.

I’ll explain a little bit about what this means because it can be a little hard to get across… Etc. We can kind of read the thoughts of our target customers or a target audience by using this tool we can see what questions have surrounded a specific topic.

The question you are asking yourself is what should I use this tool for?

I could mention three important fields in which Answer The Public can be useful:

  1. To start a reflection on a given topic,
  2. To get a first list of keywords,
  3. To better understand the questions and interests of Internet users.


Personally, I use Answer The Public to create content. Let’s say I want to create content around my brand, I need to know what content people are really looking for, you may have answered the questions I have on the subject of one of my content.

How to Use Answer The Public to Create Better Content

So for example for my brand, I can find typical questions:

  • How do I promote my brand,
  • How to do a market study,
  • What price to adopt for my brand,
  • How to differentiate from the competition …

This reverse lookup approach leads you to know basically what people need and how you can best serve them, which is really the ultimate goal of this tool.

I’m going to show you an example of exactly how to use Answer The Public, of course, that’s the whole point so in this case, if you don’t already know, I produce a lot of content around affiliate marketing so let’s just say I want to create more content around affiliate marketing. Take a look:


On Answer The Public I usually type in about two words, or you can select your interest, your country as well as the language. In our case I want to know what questions people are asking about the topic of Affiliate Marketing in the United States and then specifically in English because I will be creating articles and other content in English.

answerthepublic for seo

Answer The Public gives a list of questions, prepositions, alphabetical comparisons and related topics to the topic of affiliation, so that’s our chosen topic, we can actually go ahead and you can click on one of them and automatically go to that specific section.

Another thing I want to point out is if you’re creating a presentation for a client or you just want to for reference, you can save any of these graphics to go as an image, you can download it, save it as an image and then use it in any type of client presentation or for yourself.

You can also download all the data in CSV format. I would recommend doing both, unless you’re a little short on memory capacity and you don’t want to sort of store all of this on your laptop or on your hard drive…

Finally, there’s definitely value in using this great tool again it’s really quite simple to use if you have any questions, let me know in the comments section and hopefully I’ll bring back a useful answer for your business. Don’t forget to join our news letters you will be notified as we have a lot of extremely valuable content coming up, on those I say see you very very soon.Tchuss!

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