Internet Marketing School All Posts,Website Builder Webflow Review – Learn Webflow in 10 MIN – Create a site from A to Z Excellent Custom Design Tool

Webflow Review – Learn Webflow in 10 MIN – Create a site from A to Z Excellent Custom Design Tool

Webflow Review - Learn Webflow in 10 MIN - Create a site from A to Z Excellent Custom Design Tool

Let me tell you about the great innovation with Webflow and their design tool, it’s the first tool to offer front-end coding flexibility without you actually needing to code!

Now, notice that I’m saying that front-end coding is essentially the presentation of your website. Quite simply, that’s what it looks like. It’s CSS, HTML and a little bit of JavaScript.

How does Webflow do this? How do they build a design tool that gives you the flexibility of code without the need to code? It sounds magical, but there is an explanation.

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Indeed, there is a logical explanation behind it. Webflow is the result of a coherent and frankly new thought process. For starters, Webflow doesn’t fear the complexity of the code instead it accepts it, for example, you might be surprised when you add your first element to a page, let’s say it’s a paragraph tag and you add content you’ll see that it’s just across the entire width of the canvas of your screen.

So, yes developers will understand what this means but non-coders probably won’t!

Basically the width of this element must be placed in a ‘Container’ it’s a fundamental concept of web design, it’s called the box template. To be simple in my explanation, the design of a page is like making a box fit into another box to finally see the final design of a web page.

But Webflow does not only abstract to the box template concepts because the entire Webflow platform is designed to ‘break’ the coding complexity to those users.

Webflow is actually just a foreground visual interface for example, you add HTML elements then the elements are styled, on the side the style options are essentially taken from CSS and expressed via an interface thanks to this, you are really able to design just about any page or design.

On Webflow there aren’t many constraints, this in fact is a categorically different element from the competitors. Like for example, website builders like Squarespace or Wix.


Squarespace and Wix are not designed to give you total freedom, they provide default templates, they take you away from the complexity of the code but you are limited.

Webflow offers a very steep learning curve, you can do whatever you want with it. What I mean is that you will need to understand the fundamentals of web design which includes concepts such as style hierarchy, floating box model, absolute and relative positioning and other web fundamentals.

If you’ve never heard about these concepts before, it may sound like Chinoi in your head … But honestly, give yourself a day or even just a few hours on the Webflow University you might be surprised how quickly you can learn how to use Webflow!

Webflow is really flexible, it’s a great way to create static websites, but you can take Webflow to an even higher level when you integrate Webflow CMS and e-commerce in the designer, the CMS allows you for example to create collections, custom content types consider them as a database, so for example we could create a collection of items that collections are made up of fields, for example, plain text images, dates, colors and even rich text that gives you a full WYSIWYG editor, we can then start adding items and we add two from there we can go back to the designer and add a list of items. .. Free to you, you can even create multiple collections with relationships, for example you could create a collection of authors and then add it as a relationship to the articles… Ect.

The Webflow CMS is great, but it’s not necessarily revolutionary. The revolutionary thing is that you can plug the content of the CMS into the Webflow designer, which means you don’t need to code to do all this.

This saves time and money. You can create CMS and websites without hiring other people to do it. The Webflow CMS powers all kinds of websites, create a blog, you can also integrate e-commerce. For example, you can add custom fields but they have some special fields that are required for e-commerce once you add some products you create pages around those products as you would do with a collection CMS like e-commerce features. CMS Webflow are not revolutionary will not match the e-commerce features of Shopify for example, but that’s not the most important point.

I would also like to mention that Webflow includes an editing interface that allows you to navigate the website and edit the text in the images, it also allows you to access the CMS this is a convenient thing to give to your customers or your team.

What I like is that Webflow has a wish list area where the community can vote and discuss new features so that Webflow is informed of what people are asking for. The reviews on Webflow are really petty enough to mention them; font additions from typography, limitations in the CMS that prevent some projects from being moved to Webflow.

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There’s a lot you can do with Webflow, the main thing to recognize is that Webflow has a learning curve that you’ll need to understand the basic principles of web design to use Webflow and I would strongly advise you to do that because if you can get started, you should be able to learn a lot.

Webflow vs WordPress: Comparison

Pricing ; wordpress is the clear winner because unlike webflow wordpress is free but although wordpress itself is free in order to use it your agency will have to get a hosting and a bunch of plugins in order for it to operate normally but even in this case wordpress is still cheaper as you can get yourself a quality hosting with just 10 dollars a month such as the one with 10 web while the lowest price at webflow starts at 12 a month and the business package goes as high as 36 dollars a month.

Now let’s first understand what webflow is famous for basically webflow offers a very convenient website builder that is very easy to use even if you’re building your page from scratch it is famous mainly with the designers because it offers a ton of possibilities to create a completely customized look for your page but the main advantage of webflow over wordpress is that it doesn’t require intricate coding to create professional web design you can pretty much do anything with their platform in contrast wordpress doesn’t have that flexibility because it has quite restricted coding of course here too you can create a website from scratch but the problem is that you will have to hire a professional developer for that so Webflow is definitely the winner!

Webflow offers a new approach to creating websites without code, with a quick grasp you can wreak havoc!

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