Internet Marketing School All Posts,CRM,Dropshipping,Paiment solution,Productivity Why we Pay… To Pay – Keeping small business in business Melio – The simplest way to pay vendors

Why we Pay… To Pay – Keeping small business in business Melio – The simplest way to pay vendors

Why we Pay... To Pay - Keeping small business in business Melio - The simplest way to pay vendors

Why we Pay... To Pay - Keeping small business in business Melio - The simplest way to pay vendors

What is Melio ?

Melio is the easiest way to pay vendors and contractors. With Melio you can transfer and receive payments faster and easier than with traditional methods such as checks.

How does it work?

  • Step 1 add the seller and contractor details using their secure service. There are four ways to do this enter the invoice manually, upload a file or take a picture using your phone or even sync your online account with other integration.

Which I would probably choose to take a picture of!

  • Step 2 choose the payment method credit card or bank transfer pay as you wish. Whatever payment methods your seller accepts you must decide what is most convenient for you what is most convenient for me is my credit card or credit card Melio is the closest seller to you.

Melio credit card has the trust and certificates of all credit card companies so no security worries.

  • Step 3 choose how your seller receives payment – a check or bank deposit – and then schedule the date your payment will be deducted from your account. This way you will never pay too early or too late! From there Melio will take care of sending the payment to your seller on your behalf they do not need to have a bank account. They don’t even need to register with Melio, which makes the process very simple and fast.

How would I like to be paid by bank transfer, I don’t mind if I do…

Did I mention that Melio is FREE? By using your credit card you can defer payments and improve your cash flow and honestly, isn’t improving cash flow what we all really want for our business?


Melio for free


How to join Melio for Accountants


To join Melio accountants click on My accountants and click on the sign up button configure your email and password and check your email to create your user. In the company type select accounting firm and say a few words about yourself and your company, how many clients you have and that’s it!

Your Melio clients dashboard is ready, you will be able to see and navigate through all your clients accounts click new client to start adding plans to your account you will then be asked to fill in the client’s company details owner’s name and email address if your client has an external account log in and log in if not just check no.

Whether you have connected your external application online or not Melio will need to know a little more about the business owner, what is the location of the business then select the customer’s estimated monthly payment volume to help better meet your customers payment needs and connect the payment method for that customer if you have it now you will be given the option to invite the owner click yes or skip it by clicking not now if you choose to invite the owner you can authorize them to approve the payments you make.

To set an amount select yes set the amount any payment above this amount will require the owner’s approval if you don’t know the minimum amount you can allow the owner to set it himself by clicking I don’t know the amount ask the owner note that any payment above the amount that is scheduled before the owner accepts the invitation to join the account will not be scheduled until the owner joins the account and approves the payment if your customer already has an account, you can invite him to join it If your customer already has an account with Melio, you will be able to send a request to join the existing account or be added automatically if you have connected your to an external application, you will then see the company in your dashboard and you will be able to add invoices and schedule payments if you have requested to join an existing account, you will see the company in gray and will have to wait for the owner to accept your invitation and that’s it!



The thing that got me hooked on Emilio is the idea that they believe you should never pay to pay, and that seems like a simple concept, but it’s actually incredibly powerful.

It’s something that I immediately embraced when I first got involved with Melio. You shouldn’t have any fees associated with sending your payments, and you should have the ability to control any type of time that you might have fees if you’re using a credit card for example.

This is a really new and exciting payment solution. It’s really unique. You can think of it as an accounts payable solution or an accounts payable system and you’re going to be able to pay any business invoice with your choice of credit card or bank transfer through Melio and that’s really great!

It doesn’t matter if the person you’re paying has Melio, if they don’t have Melio, it doesn’t matter, not only do you choose how you’re going to pay by credit card or bank transfer, but you also choose how the person you’re paying receives the money, bank transfer or check, it’s really simple and it’s free. It’s the new way to make payments without having to worry about it.

Personally Melio I highly recommend it, it’s a really new, unique and exciting way to manage payments.

As you can see in my article, it’s the easiest way to pay vendors, contractors or any other type of business invoice. You’re going to be able to pay your invoice with your bank, by bank transfer, or even with your credit card, to defer that payment and earn those rewards, and the flexibility is that your payee, the person that you’re paying, doesn’t have to have Melio payments, anyway, they’re going to be able to receive a check or a bank deposit and you have the ability to schedule the payment.

You can literally dictate when the payment will be taken, when the funds will leave the account, then you just schedule or confirm the payment, and that’s it. It’s just a matter of simplicity. It’s more than a matter of ease, and you see the integrations and the companies that work with Melio and really it’s pretty simple in terms of how it works and again I really want you to check out this solution today.

Basically who is going to get paid, whoever you are paying, you enter the information and you can choose your payment method, if it’s going to be your credit card, so you can defer the payment and earn rewards from your credit card or directly by bank transfer about it; It doesn’t matter if the person who is receiving the payment is equipped with Melio Payments or not, you can still use Melio to pay whoever you want, the seller or the person you are paying just gets a check or a bank transfer, even if you paid with your credit card.


melio paiment


It’s really kind of an answer to some of those annoyances with all the different fees and rigid guidelines that you usually see with your traditional payment processors and something that I personally really like being able to pay with a credit card, it doesn’t matter if the person receiving it accepts credit cards or not, it doesn’t matter with Melio. You can pay any commercial invoice and in this case you can choose to use a credit card. What will this do? Well, first of all, it allows you to defer the payment right. You can put it on your credit card for up to 45 days of spending.


You get rewards and all the other benefits of using a credit card, whether the vendor you’re paying accepts them or not. This is something you don’t really see in other payment approval systems. The workflow is great when you’re working with an accountant or if you have a team of different users, you can give different team members different levels of permission. You can still approve everything as the main admin, you can schedule and manage all your different due dates, I really like the type of calendar set up.

Very easy to use color coding to make sure you find all your transactions by due date and of course get them paid directly into Melio and obviously the most popular type of accounting software, you can connect your information and sync it perfectly with each other, it’s a two way sync.


You can use a credit card for a 2.5% fee, which gives you a lot of flexibility, you don’t have to include any extra fees, excessive fees, refund fees, transaction fees or anything like that, you won’t see any of that with Melio payments and again, you shouldn’t be paying to pay, that’s their mission. That’s the reason they built this company. But perhaps my favorite feature is this: you can always pay with your credit card, even if the vendor you’re paying with doesn’t accept them. That’s extremely valuable. You can take advantage of credit card rewards or, perhaps more importantly, help the cash flow by putting the payment on a credit card.


Finally, what Melio allows you to do is bridge the gap between when you pay and when you get paid. It’s a very simple concept, but it’s incredibly powerful.

It’s changing the way payments are made, it’s going to address some of the complaints and concerns we all have with payment processors, so go check out this offer MONPAY you can sign up for free and it’s not always the case elsewhere!

I hope this article has been helpful to you and your business, on that note I wish you a very good continuation friends 😉



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