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WordPress Security The Ultimate Guide – Step by Step How To Secure Your WordPress Site

WordPress Security The Ultimate Guide - Step by Step How To Secure Your WordPress Site

How To Secure Your WordPress Site ?

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world and powers over 40% of the internet. It’s no surprise that hackers have taken note of this and are explicitly targeting wordpress sites, with the platform accounting for about 90% of hacked websites.

We’ll show you how to do this in a few simple steps. Let’s start with the beginning of your site’s journey. The administration page, when you first set up a wordpress site, admin is the default username. If you leave your admin username then a hacker can easily break into your site like a burglar using a brute force attack. So if you want to keep your site secure change your admin login page and also create a unique password.

Another way to stop brute force attacks is to hide your login page using a wps hide login plugin. A plugin is a software code that adds extra features to your website or application for wordpress they help customize the look of your website they automatically scan for malware and monitor its security.

You can further enhance the security of your site with a login lock plugin which prevents brute force attacks by limiting the login attempts people can make from cyber threats to slow loading times no one said it was easy to manage a website no matter what your host you will need to hide your php source code especially the wp config. php file which allows wordpress to host millions of websites since this file is frequently subject to attacks.

You should keep all your security plugins up to date to protect it. Another trap to avoid is an sql ejection one of the most common cyber attacks. A hacker will send malicious code through one of your site’s data fields such as a contact form and gain unauthorized access to passwords, credit card details and personal information while there is no quick fix to stop sql attacks if you keep your plugins up to date your site will be better protected.

Spam comments are not only annoying; many of them contain malware links that can damage your website; fortunately, you can stop them with anti-spam plugins that automatically check all websites. will automatically check all your comments, protecting you and your site from any malicious content.

However, it’s not just plugins that keep your wordpress site safe, some hosting platforms, like namecheap’s easywp service, offer a free content delivery network (cdn) that protects your site and increases its speed.


With a cdn, your site’s content is not just stored in one place, but on multiple servers, which speeds up the delivery of your pages. A cdn helps stop ddos attacks, one of the oldest known hacks, which involves a hacker flooding your server with too much data and killing its speed. If you have a cdn, your site’s data will be spread across multiple servers, preventing any ddos attacks.

Your site shouldn’t suffer any more downtime, your users won’t notice anything and neither will you if your admin field isn’t changed and plugins aren’t updated. hackers will have a field day if you think your site is too small to attract a hacker’s attention, think again cyber criminals have no limits when it comes to websites. Keeping your site secure is not difficult and with namecheap wordpress hosting you can keep it safe at an affordable price.

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