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Zyro Website Store Builder With Cloud Hosting Service- Zyro Review – Best Price.

Zyro Website Store Builder With Cloud Hosting Service- Zyro Review - Best Price.

In today’s article, I’m going to explain how to create an online store with Zyro, as well as the features that Zyro offers that can help your store explode your sales.

Zyro Website Store Builder With Cloud Hosting Service- Zyro Review – Best Price.

We’re excited to share this set of new features and improvements for Zyro. You can now create websites, add a navigation menu to your site and use advanced settings for your shop. Let us tell you more about this platform.

Zyro Beginner’s Guide

The first feature of Zyro that I really want to draw your attention to, is the fact that there is virtually no complexity in creating your store, you can start right away, choose a pre-built online store template and then use their block building feature, drag and drop to make it customized to your brand.

Essentially, there’s no setup, there’s no coding, you’re a novice, no problem! You can just drag and drop and voila you are ready to make your first sales.

zyro vs shopify

The next point I want to cover is the security on this platform, Zyro is actually super secure with a hyper known hosting Hostinger, I personally consider SiteGround & Hostinger among the best in the world in the hosting field.

By the way you can read our recent comparison article here,

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But Hostinger is perfectly suited for mobile browsing.  This means that you can essentially offer your buyers a great user experience and the peace of mind of a secure online store that will work on virtually any device, computer, tablet or mobile. It is worth noting that Zyro’s dedicated servers rely on a cloud architecture for hosting your websites, which guarantees high availability.

The download time of a site is hyper important, I will not stop saying it and repeating it on my articles, if a customer arrives on your site and your site is very slow to read or navigate, your visitors will leave quickly without coming back, the observation can be even more serious if you send paid traffic on a slow site to download.

create a free storeGET STARTED

With Zyro you don’t have to worry about some users not being able to access your website or store, because it will work everywhere and you don’t have to worry about that at all thanks to Hostinger.

The next point I want to mention about these features that make Zyro a good shop builder is that you can easily manage and track your inventory, it’s very simple: just add and manage all your products using one very intuitive dashboard. You can categorize and track your inventory in a very simple way, controlling shipping and delivery is great, easy too.

You can basically take care of, everything from a to z you can check order history, you can track payments and shipping status and you can automatically update all of your sold or in-stock inventory information, you can notify your buyers by email if you want.

To grow your store, they have tools that will help you do that and at a very competitive price, which in my opinion is one of the best things, because many online businesses need extra help to grow and Zyro will provide that for you!

You can keep an eye on the price because they have built-in reports and detailed sales tracking. If you need to analyze even more and master your sales metrics, you can even integrate google analytics for more stats.

Sales growth is essential for a store’s survival Zyro makes growth super easy with adaptive and super automated marketing. You can essentially run custom ads on Facebook and Google shopping and automate your marketing to target the right audiences to obviously boost your sales.

Zyro offer a lot more automation which is really good for your business, more automation equals more time spent on growing your business, this means you will have to spend less time on marketing.

Selling on Zyro a very simple process.

It’s very simple, the first thing you need to do is sign up for a free account HERE. Creating a Zyro account only takes a few clicks, all you need is a name and an email address. Just enter them in your account and you are already registered on Zyro, there is nothing more to do!

The next step if you want and if you are serious with online business and you need to upgrade to a pro e-commerce plan, because when you sign up for the basic level you are limited.

Indeed, in order for you to actually access the most developed e-commerce features, Zyro offers a very affordable package compared to other competitors.

Plans and prices

Four different plans are offered to you. The cheapest plan, Website, starts at $2.90 per month which includes 4 options.

You can opt for the Business plan, at $4.90 per month, if you only want to sell up to 100 products. This plan includes 6 options.

The Online Store and Advanced Store plans are designed to help you deploy an e-commerce store supporting over 70 different payment methods.

If you want to take advantage of features like abandoned cart recovery, something I highly recommend, and Amazon/eBay integration and sell up to 2,500 products, your best option is the Advanced Store, priced at $15.90 per month.

zyro price, zyro plan


Drag and drop editor, customizable and beautiful templates


With a variety of templates, you can find a design for any business. Create the perfect shop in minutes.

No coding skills are required. Add images, text or videos to your shop and change the text, font, images, color and style.


If you want any element to appear in your template, simply drag and drop it to the work area.


Change the background, text color, font size and style, and other settings to suit your tastes and desires!


Add all kinds of elements with ready-made components, such as headers, footers, links, empty columns…


Templates created in the Zyro editor display well on screens of all resolutions and on all devices.


Upload all of your design elements to the Zyro Server hosted by Hostinger.


Zyro Step by Step

How can I create a Zyro store with a drag and drop editor?

It’s very simple. Sign up for Zyro, go to the “Zyro Templates” tab, drag and drop items like images, text snippets, buttons, etc. into the work area, and customize everything to your liking.  Don’t hesitate to try it out now!

How long does it take to create a Zyro store with the drag and drop editor?

You can create a perfect Zyro store in less than 15 minutes with Zyro. To save time, you can choose one of the free, ready-to-use templates.

How much does it cost to use a drag-and-drop Zyro store?

Sign up for Zyro and create your store, you can start with a free domain for 1-year, free email for 3 months, 24/7 customer support and marketing integrations for only $2.90/mo.

If you are planning to create multiple stores, read our latest article here,

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Are you prepared to perform?

Zyro is easy to use, and you can start optimizing your business for conversions right now!






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