AppSumo Review – Lifetime Deals – How to Sell on AppSumo Marketplace – The Best Thing For Your Business

AppSumo Review - Lifetime Deals - How to Sell on AppSumo Marketplace - The Best Thing For Your Business

AppSumo Review

Hello friends I am happy to find you today for a theme that I want to share with you!

I’m a fan of what I’m about to show you, I’ve been testing it for a few months now and I have good and bad surprises so I’m happy to be able to introduce you to this platform.

So if you don’t already know or even if you know this platform let me share with you a little bit my experience.

Are you ready to kick off this epic year? Then I’m going to tell you the best thing you can do to get started after your vacations. No, it’s not about a new gym membership, or a few fancy essential oils (even if they smell good) or eating more vegetables.

It’s about listing YOUR product on the AppSumo marketplace. This is the best thing you can do for your business for this entry. If you want to launch and sell your digital downloads, courses and tools, AppSumo Marketplace is for you. A new platform means a new source of passive income – and the Marketplace is the world’s best kept secret.

If you’re ready for your business to make some serious money this year, let’s dive in!

The AppSumo Marketplace is the best way to get your product in front of over a million people. For all product creators, this is YOUR chance to become bigger than ever.

Last year, AppSumo paid out over a million dollars to partners like you. What are you waiting for? Start selling AppSumoDeals today!


How to sell on AppSumo Marketplace?

Today you will learn how to sell on AppSumo.  AppSumo is a marketplace for entrepreneurs and also is a place where consumers go to find the best deals, courses, software and also ebooks. So AppSumo can be a huge marketplace for creators to profit.

One thing I like about Appsumo is that it doesn’t discriminate who can download software and as long as you have something good to share as long as you have something good to download you are allowed to take advantage of their traffic soaked!


GET $10

What is Appsumo?

If you don’t know what Appsumo is and how it works basically you have a software that you have uploaded somewhere else maybe on your website, on your store and then you feel like you need more people, you need more people, you need more customers for your products, then you come to Appsumo.

You can create a coupon, you link to that coupon and you give away a discounted version of what you have to offer, and that’s just a marketing technique, or basically you’re leveraging the free traffic from Appsumo.

I’m not going to guarantee it because it’s only going to depend on the quality of what you have to offer, you’re going to get sales if you have something good, if you have a good service, a good course, and one more thing is you have to have high quality products before you can escape or go through the review process.

AppSumo started its business in 2010. It is mainly technology offerings, software offerings and digital tool offerings. It is a good website for B2B companies and technology entrepreneurs to find tools at an affordable price. Basically, product companies and software developers come and provide their products at a significant discount for the AppSumo audience.

Speaking of offers, there are offers for blogging tools,

content, writing, editing, productivity tools and storage. So you get offers for all digital tools and services. I will provide links in the description in this article so you can find the current offers. You can expect deep discounts of about 95%, so if you buy it First of all, understand that the businesses that are on the platform are small businesses. Secondly, they have the motive to get the public so that they can test the product and all the mistakes and requests from the public can be set up through the customer feedback.

So, instead of advertising, they go to Appsumo and give their products at very large discounts to Appsumo users. Appsumo users are active and are able to provide good reviews. Companies offer you lifetime deal that you take their plan for $30 – $40 – $60 and use their software for life!

Most startups in my own experience close within 2-3 years. So, should you buy software from AppSumo?

My answer is, A BIG YES.

I would like to explain my strategy. The first thing I evaluate is whether I will need this tool in the future. If yes, then I take this tool, that’s my first step. The second step. I suggest that if you are interested, then you can take it and test it, you have 60 Days to go back on your decision and you will be refunded EASILY by AppSumo and not by the software vendor unlike other platform like Warriorplus for example.


The entrepreneur’s love of risk

I personally take the risk for any software that is interesting for my business. I like to bet on new things! Generally on AppSumo I focus on the top 15 to 25 rated offers that I could use in the future. I get the offers at a lower price, but in the future, if the app or business becomes stable, I can recoup all my investments.

So it’s an investment where you’re looking at 15 to 25 companies and if just one of them is successful, that’s enough to recoup all the losses of the 14 companies. So it’s an investment strategy that many investors use.

I do the same thing with digital tools. If you want, you can use them too, but if you don’t have a budget, don’t do it and go to step one. If you want to use them next year, then take them. If you plan to use it later, don’t spend your money. You’ll get good business in the future…

Don’t think that businesses are forever. I’ve seen hosting companies, publishing companies, application site tools, keyword software, search tools that have closed. It’s a very tough game and it’s not a very easy task to survive.

So whatever Appsumo offers that I buy in the future, I hope to do some preview articles for you to get an idea and if you can buy it to be able to move forward with your business. That’s it for this article on the Appsumo marketplace. And feel free, tell us your opinion about Appsumo in the comments.


GET $10



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