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Kartra Review: The All-in-One Marketing Tool I Kartra Tutorial | Best Funnel Builder

Kartra Review The All-in-One Marketing Tool I Kartra Tutorial Best Funnel Builder

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Hello to you and welcome to this new reading about a new software called Kartra.

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First of all what is Kartra in two words for me is the most brilliant software that can be found on the market to do digital marketing.

So that you are not disappointed in this reading I warn you right away that this software is not for everyone. Why not? Simply because of its price! Indeed, the price of Kartra is from $99/month to $499/month. Yes, it is not a low-end software because its features are just huge…

Kartra Plan

kartra pricing

With Kartra you can host your online courses and much more, I’m really excited to introduce you to this tool and share everything you can do with Kartra.

In this article I will talk about what you can do with Kartra and I will share with you how to use it. I have also created a free roadmap explaining how to get started with this software, you can download it here

So what can you do with Kartra, you can host online courses and offer subscriptions, you can create sales funnels, you can run your entire email marketing, not only your newsletters but also setting up automated sequences, you can also sell your products, you can add upsells, you can create sales pages, landing pages, you can have an affiliate program for your own products, and you can create time saving automations.

So yes, it’s fantastic, it’s already amazing the fact that we can have all these features integrated into one platform, to give you an idea of the power of this platform it’s like if you used;

All these tools + all the time it takes to make it work!

kartra video demo

You don’t have to worry if the software is properly connected to the different software that can often cause problems. Personally, I have tested several of these programs and I still think that they are of excellent quality and that in some cases it is better to use them separately because they will be better adapted to your activity or your way of working.

However, with Kartra I really liked having everything in one place that will really simplify your life technologically, not only that, but it will also save you a lot of time and money as well, there are so many hacks and tricks in there that you won’t be disappointed with the monthly payment of your Kartra subscription. So you’ll have plenty of time to set up full funnels and campaigns, for optimal results

For $99/month, which is an average savings of $200/month+ on top of that, a lot less headaches technically speaking and having all your data in one place so when you log in dashboard, you can see exactly what’s going on: which email funnels your prospects signed up for, which products they bought, which pages they visitedn they really give you a lot of information about each prospect.

Not only a big money saver, but a real streamlining of all your online marketing and sales as well.

You may ask yourself if this is a replacement for your website? I would say no. I don’t think it is. You can technically create your website on Kartra but I would not recommend it. I always advise to have your own separate website/blog to have better SEO functionality. For this personally I recommend Webflow or Squarespace but you can also use WordPress.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the features of Kartra and I’ll show you why you should use this software, the first thing Karta is highly recommended for is the ability to host your online lessons, in this sense I really like the experience offered to the users, you can see a progress bar at the bottom, users can search through the lessons they can also “favorite” their favorite lessons and they can click to get the full outline of your course. From a creation standpoint it’s nice and easy and you have all a list of different options for the types of content you can add, all in one swipe: drag and drop, other platforms are much less flexible with their membership area.

You have so many more options for example at the bottom of all your lessons uploaded to the platform you can add a small block of steps, a call to action and so you give people a specific action to perform for that lesson, then if I want to add another block I can just grab it and drag it into position.You have a huge amount of options for displaying your online course, this also works for subscriptions.

The next powerful and necessary feature for any online business that you need to use with Kartra is landing pages to create a mailing list and what’s fantastic about Kartra is that the deadline timer feature is integrated so you can run promotions and create urgency for your offers which increases the conversion rate

Other blocks can be integrated such as Kartra’s great FAQ section, thank you pages, marketing pages…Etc. For payment methods, Kartra integrates very easily with Stripe and PayPal, it’s so easy to use that with a simple click on the button on your sales page, an order form appears in Kartra for your customers. You can create contextual payment forms, you can also embed them or you can simply send them directly to a payment page.

The standout feature that I definitely recommend Kartra for is email marketing. You have the ability to do email sequences, so you can use Kartra to grow your email list and send out regular broadcast style emails, one of the things I like about Kartra as a whole is the countdown feature, not only are your countdowns embeddable on your pages, but you can also add them to your emails, which means that the countdowns are consistent across all your emails and pages and you don’t have to worry about connecting the different software

Kartra runs all your affiliate programs. This means that you can have affiliate programs for all of your products, which means that if one of your customers buys one of your products, then they can become an affiliate and earn 30% of all sales, this affiliate program is super flexible, you can have specific landing pages for specific affiliates, you can have different rates for different affiliates there are so many things you can do with this program

With Kartra you can even enable automatic payments, you can get a ton of analytics on your business and you can really get very specific and get very detailed information on how each individual product, form, page is performing, in this article I’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of what you can do with Kartra, you can host your articles, you can book appointments and have your own support service for your products…Etc.

So that’s the end of this article, if you are looking for a very powerful platform Kartra will save you a lot of time and money and really help you to develop your online business in a sustainable way



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