SEMrush – Review SEO & SEA Software + Test of this toolkit + Free Complete Guide

SEMrush - Review SEO & SEA Software + Test of this toolkit + Free Complete Guide

SEO and SEA Software. SEMrush Review / Rates / Features / Tips #SEO

Grow your online visibility

SEMrush Competitive Search.

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A set of tools that helps you build a bigger picture of the competitive landscape in a given niche SEMrush is all about giving you data-driven insights into different aspects of digital marketing.

And that’s why the SEMrush competitive research toolkit is designed to strengthen the most important part of your digital marketing and customer acquisition strategy. In fact, SEMrush gives you verified information to make marketing decisions based on your competitors’ strategies.

This will help you find solutions to stay ahead of your competitors or make tactical suggestions to improve a partner’s performance. You will be able to explore your competitors’ marketing strategies from all angles, SEO, advertising, content and PR, as well as social media.

In other words, the competitive toolkit allows you to examine your competitors’ marketing strategy and tactics in detail.

 5 reasons to choose Semrush over Similarweb

There are several things you need to know about your competitors. First, how successful are they at attracting and converting their audience?

Second, how big is their audience? Where is their web traffic coming from and how widespread is their presence in different regions?

What is the Traffic Analytics tool for?

Basically, it’s Google Analytics for competitors.

With the help of the SEMrush tool, you can look at different metrics that uncover information about your competitors’ audience and traffic acquisition. Reports can even be segmented by traffic source, whether it’s direct traffic, search traffic, referral traffic, social traffic or paid traffic, with information on location and whether the source is from mobile or desktop. All of this allows you to know exactly where your competitors’ traffic is coming from and how much their audience is engaging with their site.

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How your site is performing against others. Just add up to five competitors in Traffic Analytics and compare their key metrics.

And don’t forget that you can play with different filters, such as historical data, location and device. You can also locate your competitors’ most lucrative channels and dissect your competitors’ traffic sources and sort them by referring sites, search engines and social networks.

Once you’ve examined the overall online presence of your closest competitors, it’s time to zoom in on the details, SEMrush can help. You examine their overall search strategy by looking at their top keywords and organic search positions, evaluating changes in organic traffic and getting an overview of their backlink portfolio. On top of that, SEMrush can even help you discover missing opportunities.


With traffic analysis, you already have a general understanding of your competitors’ website performance, but what about the many aspects of it?

Organic research will help you analyze your competitors’ sites and identify the keywords they are ranking for.

You can choose which part of the site you want to examine: the entire domain, the subdomain or even a particular URL.

You will find a complete table that shows the list of keywords. Your competitors are ranked to ensure that all your organic search rivals are under your radar, use the organic competitor report to perform a quick analysis of your competition in your target locations.

Competitors are selected based on the number of common keywords and the total number of organic keywords. Keyword Gap also gives you the ability to compare your domain to your competitors for any common or unique keyword.

Simply choose five of your biggest rivals and use the graphical view. The graphs display the common and unique keywords for the competing domains, pay attention to the section that describes the unique keywords to discover the missing keywords, the opportunities for your search strategy.

Keyword Gap doesn’t just cover your organic keywords. You can also look at paid keywords or PLAs. After the launch of the Keyword Gap tool, the same gap analysis logic could be applied to backlinks. SEMrush thought about this and so they set up the Backlink Gap tool.

An easy to use tool that offers a great competitive advantage! Enter your competitors’ sites to Backlink Gap and see who links to their website, find gaps, and use them to get ahead of your competitors or reach resources that use…


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Enter your competitors’ domain in the search bar and start collecting information about your competitors’ most recently built links, backlink profile portfolio, as well as backlink usage.

Knowing what your competitors are doing with their organic strategy is good, but there are other bases to cover. You should also research the resources they are investing in online advertising. Semrush will help you discover your competitors’ overall advertising strategy by looking at how and when they run their ads, what keywords they use and how much traffic it brings them.

Find out how they attract their audience by looking at each individual ad. To do this,

Advertising Research will help you analyze your competitors’ advertising strategy by examining their site at multiple levels: domain, subdomain and URL. Simply choose the location, time and device. The ad copy report will help you examine specific ads served by your competitors.


You can see the headlines and calls to action they are using in their ads, as well as the keywords they are targeting and the landing pages they are driving their paid traffic to. To see your competitors’ entire advertising strategy over the past year, check out the Ad History report and see how and when they’re running their ads, what keywords they’re using, and what traffic they’re bringing in the most!

With the PLA research tool, you can find out which competitors have displayed product ads for different keywords, what products they advertise, how they describe them to engage the audience and what their overall pricing policy is?

Display advertising is another interesting area to consider. Some companies ignore PLA and use display advertising. SEMrush has a tool for this as well. Display advertising shows you your competitors’ display advertising activity and the type of audience they are targeting with their campaigns. You can analyze the site, both as an advertiser and as a publisher.

Make your search results country or device specific to see how their display ad strategy is changing based on different locations and devices.

The “Ads” tab will allow you to dissect each ad individually and find actionable information by looking at the type of ads. You’ll find useful information by looking at the type of ads they use the most, how they localize their ads in different countries, and how they approach creatives and CTAs.

Publishers Report can pinpoint your competitors’ biggest publishers and help you seize the opportunity to show your ads as well. Most likely, organic search and advertising are not the only ways your competitors are building their online visibility.

You need to be constantly on the lookout for your competitors’ approach to seizing opportunities in PR, search, their past PR and content marketing strategies, their current promotional activities and their distribution channels.

Semrush Marketing Competitive Research

There are two ways to use it for competitive research. It allows you to determine if your competitors are covering the same topics as your site. In addition, it helps you identify your competitors. The best performing content for a specific topic, just enter a target keyword! The tool will collect ideas from related topics and subtopics covered by your competitors.

The tool displays the most popular sub-topics. (Semrush considers popularity in terms of the number of search queries per keyword).


To go further, simply open the subtopic record and get a list of the most popular titles for a given topic; check if your competitor has anything to do with the most popular titles. To analyze a specific competitor for inspiration for your content strategy or to identify missing opportunities, simply enter their domain and all topics covered by your rival will appear in green. If you’re not that concerned about specifics and the only thing you’re really interested in is your competitor’s PR strategy from A to Z, then you can use Brand Monitoring. You can use this tool to identify the most relevant media outlets that mention your competitor and find out how much media coverage they actually get.

The tool gathers data from across the web, including Twitter, and allows you to separate the different sites that mention your competitors based on the quality of the traffic domain. And if you need a more in-depth analysis of your competitors, SEMrush Social Media Strategy has created another handy and relevant tool.

Social Media Tracker helps you discover which social media channels your competitors are focusing on, how active they are online, and what impact they are having on their audience.


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Don’t forget to identify your competitors’ top performing content and check how they are engaging their audience.

With SEMrushs competitive research toolkit, you can manage all aspects of your competitive analysis, from reviewing competitors’ sites and their performance to discovering their organic and paid search strategy, to identifying their strengths and weaknesses in social media, PR or content marketing.


But before you go and try it yourself, there’s a section of SEMrush that will most certainly be useful to you, whether you’re using competitive research for your own business advantage or you want to approach a new client. Creating a report is not always a piece of cake, but SEMrushs Reports will make your work task much easier.


If you are using SEMrushs competitive research for customer acquisition. My SEMrushs Reports is the tool to use. Here’s how you can benefit from it:


After reviewing your prospects’ domain as well as their top competitors, you can create a PDF that compares them to their competitors and shows areas that could be improved.

If they are behind their competitors in advertising, you can suggest that they kick it into high gear with a display advertising campaign, etc. Whether you want to document your findings on the competitive landscape, keep them automatically updated, or sell your findings to a potential client. My Reports can help you summarize the data you get from various SEMrush tools into a concise document. This will allow you to highlight your findings and accomplishments through My Reports.


You can create a custom report that links data from different tools, SEMrush and Google. You can also use SEMrush’s predefined templates if you wish.

You can choose between a branded or white-labeled report and simply add the widgets you want to include in your report.


Once your report is ready, you can send it directly to your client to track their progress or schedule it to be sent regularly. If you want to send this type of report to different clients, you can turn your newly configured report into a custom template.


You are fully equipped to use the power of the SEMrush Competitive Research Toolkit! Once you start using the tools, you’ll discover how flexible this toolkit really is and that there are myriad ways to use SEMrush’s tools and data to your advantage.


But if you’re an avid explorer and need more traditional guidance to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience with SEMrush’s tools, whether it’s SEO, advertising, social media, or content marketing, check out the SEMrush Academy. This one offers a full course dedicated to each of the complete toolkits. To make things more official, you can take a test and get a SEMrush certificate, recognizing your achievements in each area of online visibility

SEMrush assures that no question will go unanswered, visit their help pages here for any other question you didn’t find answered in this article 😉


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